12 Most Beautiful Homemade Cake Decorating Ideas For Party | So Yummy Cake Recipes

I would like to share with you 12 cake samples that can be made at home. It is very suitable for those who love baking.Cake is a form of sweet dessert that is typically baked. In their oldest forms, cakes were modifications of breads, but cakes now cover a wide range of preparations that can be simple or elaborate, and that share features with other desserts such as pastries, meringues, custards, and pies.Typical cake ingredients are flour, sugar, eggs, butter or oil or margarine, a liquid, and leavening agents, such as baking soda or baking powder. Common additional ingredients and flavourings include dried, candied, or fresh fruit, nuts, cocoa, and extracts such as vanilla, with numerous substitutions for the primary ingredients. Cakes can also be filled with fruit preserves, nuts or dessert sauces (like pastry cream), iced with buttercream or other icings, and decorated with marzipan, piped borders, or candied fruit.Cake is often served as a celebratory dish on ceremonial occasions, such as weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays. There are countless cake recipes; some are bread-like, some are rich and elaborate, and many are centuries old. Cake making is no longer a complicated procedure; while at one time considerable labor went into cake making (particularly the whisking of egg foams), baking equipment and directions have been simplified so that even the most amateur of cooks may bake a cake.#foodandcakeartdecorating #cakes #yummycakeAbout Food & Cake Art DecoratingFood & Cake Art Decorating brings you fun food ideas and recipes for your cooking and baking adventures. We believe that home cooking should always be fun, interesting, and easy to do! Enjoy our collection of fun and easy food tutorials! With recipes ranging from healthy dinners, to sugary sweet delights, there's a plethora of creative options to spice up your home cooking. Our easy-to-follow, wonderfully edited videos show you how to cook and bake these recipes with ease. Thanks for watching, and subscribe today by clicking the link below!Music by: Rebecca J Fulton (Founder of Food & Cake Art Decorating):Telephone: 936-838-5756Mobile: 936-615-3964Address: 3870 Norma Avenue, Nacogdoches, Texas(TX), 75961Mail: thungan8517@gmail.comSubscribe:


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