SCHUL-HACKS ZUM SPAß HABEN UND LERNENDie Schule kann so viel Spaß machen, besonders wenn du deine Schulzeit mit unglaublichen DIY-Hacks und Ideen verbesserst. In diesem Video für Kinder findest du erstaunliche Bastelarbeiten, die dir durch deine Lernzeit helfen und jeden Tag fröhlicher machen.Du kannst erstaunlichen Schmuck mit Schulmaterial herstellen. Du kannst Büroklammern und Fäden verwenden, um bezaubernde Ohrringe herzustellen! Mische eine Farbe oder mehrere erhalte schöne bunte Ohrringe. Stelle ein Paar für jemanden zusammen, den du magst!Es gibt einige coole Zeichen-Tutorials für Kinder. Du kannst 3D-Briefe zeichnen, die fantastisch aussehen – verwende sie für eine Schulzeitung oder für ein Geburtstagsposter für deine Klassenkameraden, weil sie auch in großem Format cool aussehen.Du kannst aus absolut unerwarteten Dingen eine Menge coolen DIY-Schulbedarf machen! Du kannst Strohhalme benutzen, um bezaubernde Stifte herzustellen. Ein Ballon schützt deine Tasse vor dem Verschütten.Schau dir dieses Video bis zum Schluss an und erfahre, wie du eine DIY 3D-Brille herstellen kannst. Wenn du dich in der Schule oder an der Universität schläfrig fühlst, wirst du den letzten Hack aus diesem Video mögen - mach ein bequemes Kissen mit einer Reißverschlusstasche und ein wenig Baumwolle und steck es in deine Rucksack-Vordertasche. Ein bequemes eingebautes Kissen ist gebrauchsfertig.TIMESTAMPS: 1:41 - Schreibwaren "Kuchen". 4:26 - Organisation der Stifte 6:22 - Tic Tac Box Idee 10:04 - Schlafen im UnterrichtAbonniere 5-Minuten Tricks für Kids: 5-Minuten Bastelei: auf Youtube: für Mädels: von Epidemic Sound:

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Wth is 9 and 5 about??

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I think tyler stand up comedy in under water hahaha😅

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I got 25 bounces

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That's not Sora that is Lexaeus!


This was the first Dude Perfect video I ever watched, and I still come back to it now and then.


my parents forced me to stop going to my therapist bc they want to hide the fact that i have depression and social anxiety so they look presentable in the public; how nice.

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big fan

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Kylie b4 shower nd Kylie after shower....can we talk about that. Bkoz I look homeless b4 nd after. Fuck my life!!


As a long legged person I can indeed confirm that all non long legged people are slow and inferior

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Is it just the twin

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Ryan lover likes you guys



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I want to be an artist. A lot. My idol is Walt Disney. Last year I had all F’s and I was depressed and suicidal. I pretended to be someone I wasn’t. My parents always told me that I’m a failure and I’m stupid and they would ignore the A’s I had in Art, Cooking, Sewing, and Band. They didn’t realize that it was because those were the things I wanted to do. I started a YouTube channel for support. A few months later, I got my first real fan.after that, I gained more, and more. Some of them are now close friends of mine and I want to meet them more than anything. YouTube made me happy. One day, my parents took my phone and started going through it. They found my channel. Instead of seeing how happy it made me, they saw how much of a lying failure I was. They ignored me and my accomplishments. They told me I could never be an artist. They told me I was stupid. And I couldn’t take it any longer. I stopped drawing. I got all A’s and B’s. They were so proud and they rewarded me. But that made me even more depressed. I would see every other kid pursuing and growing towards what they wanted to do. And then there was me. I hated my life. I would be terrified to go home because my heart could not take any more damage. I started joining after school clubs to postpone the hurt. When school ended, I found out I was moving. When we moved, they let me do whatever I needed to my room to make me happy. I painted my walls blue and one galaxy. My curtains are galaxy and I got the two things I’ve wanted since I was 5. An art desk and a Loft Bed. I was so much happier. My parents were too. We felt so less stressed and more at home than at any other home ever. I started drawing again and they started making me feel loved for what I do. I’m constantly being told that I can do it. They are constantly getting me things that will help me grow and improve as an artist. They make me feel smart. They brag about me to strangers. I have all A’s and B’s and I draw constantly. I’m so much happier and I don’t know why this house is so different. I’m happy, but still not whole.  GIANT GOLD FIRE BREATHING CHICKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Should've called the hornet

Stop judging other people's failures and start helping them i. What your good at but they are not.


I do not care if he took 100 tries. Zuerlein cashing it in from 60+ is one of the greatest shots ever.

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Man, I missed it when he had black hair

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Everytime I watched these types of videos it reminds me of my auntie she died at age 30 I hope she enjoyed life as much as she can.😢

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"Healthy people still get cancer." -Boyainaband (Life is fun by TheOdd1sout ft. Boyinaband).

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You guys are so funny ✌️!!!!!!!!!!

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I was born in 2010

And I have h.d.h.d and artistic I am know I am home schooled.

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Really queen?

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Coby if you see this are you okay

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panda ambush


i guess people are googling ‘walt disney frozen’ too much so they gotta make another movie to cover their tracks

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Ty's haircut is better

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This is AWESOME...actually made me smile :)

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Do dead space next


His voice sounds so perfect and natural without any autotune or enhancements

There are these girls at school who always intimidate people, including me.

but i never try yo find others :p

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Please you don't have to listen to anything else I say but please just this request since you started collaborating with Emma again, 3/4 of the sister squad is back so even though the sister scandal happened James is still one of your best YouTube sister squad friend so please bring back those fun times from the past and you might even enjoy it so please Ethan and Grayson my request please please please bring back the full lovable memorable Sister Squad, the full Sister Squad with the best YouTubers ever. Please from one of your fans request😢😢😀😀

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that song? omg

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This is adorable I keen butiful thI internet is making us think everyone is horrible when there’s so many good people out there like I was driveling home and I saw this couple standing in the pouring rain and this car pulls up and hands them there jmbrella it was so amazing it gave me faith in humnaity

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Gotta love Ty's skills