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Lamar Morris

He killed it




Ri Neera

Tbh the first time u leave, don't come back. 🙄

(Marc) Woranun Atikarnbodee


Jens Johansson

Love your vids your the best youtober ever

Seng Sokly

That awesome

A Mixtape


😂😕🙁☹️😭 not funny but it's true!


I was struck by lightening!

TeenWolfFan 101

As a generation, we are screwed up cos society tells us that only skinny people are beautiful. I have low self esteem, I'm not skinny but I'm not over weight, I get loads of spots. And I look at the other girls and see their tiny waists and their clear faces and boys crowded around them and I compared myself to them until one day one of the popular girls came in wearing normal clothes and no make up on and no boys went near her and she told everyone she was sick of boys wanting her because she wore tight revealing clothes and wore almost five layers of make up. She's an inspiration to girls. And now she's dating a boy who loves her for her

Me: *Sends 10 different types of nukes then texts* There you go btw low battery bai!! 🧀🕵️‍♂️

Ethan Blackburn


Hiro Suzuki

Dudeperfect can you play pubg in mobile

isaias torres

1:52 when I get all A’s in college

Mr Pedit

they met Kobe Bryant and lebrom James 😭




I went to see this movie with 0 expectation and alot of horror lmao since the original one is the cause of my clown fobia but it was amazing the acting and the whole vibe of the movie made it really stand out

Isabel Morales

This happened to me all the time I try my best with my mom but when my father die she didn’t even help me on anything now I’m 13 I’m alone and I just have my friends with me and supporting me than my mom .....

Ewan Martin

Ayyy Chelsea till die

C-Russ 25


Leonardo Rodriges

Te back in te page on fron tô ker okay?

Mhaselhabks Eu

I'm still gonna watch this movie even thou I'm already too old for this 😅

oh no

Eating a candy bar right now.....


the reactions are my favorite part :D

Im poking the hornet's nest, asshole Ramone

Corey in the fucking House lmaoo


best dp video on youtube.

Ezra Timothy

Oh wait, it's really Deadpool


Such a dirty snitch.,..

Stempel Playz

I'm "I got it", however, i never catch the ball..... :o


You should film wit Lebron james

Vocable Knight

Yessssss I was waiting For The Moment for this 😍 I wanna Cry Now 😭😭

mona habani

Wow when it’s game over its game over

Luko CZ

Panda the best dancer


“4 year olds shouldn’t see the police this often.” Then what about the police acting as the crossing guard I’ve seen for my whole life. Hmmmm?

dhyey kaneria

coby has won a battle in 2019

sai anand

Next, try with cricket players. Mainly bring Virat Kohli. It will be nice to see dude perfect with King Kohli.


okay. the song is irritating. bad choice dudes

Carlos Villa

Deserve way more subs


That one horse named Kelpie is probably named after Ciri's horse in the books. Also I saw in another video, one of the horses is called Rocinante, from Don Quixote.

DogeKing 5-91

Fortnite addict

Wyatt Morse

nice one James h

Adel RTP

I didn't understand why her father killed her stepmother

Fatima Yasir

Omg the new traier

Umair Baig

Whoa finally we got a deadpool reference in this movie.But guys is it real or it is just fun?pls tell

Lilah Grove

Do you think that they were redoing the court and needed a creative way to rip it up?

Harry Cummings

The sweaty guy and the protein guy