3 days solo bushcraft - stove, canvas lavvu, table and spoon making

3 days in the same camp in pine forrest in Denmark. Open the full video description for more information. This is the long version of the video - here is the short version from the trip asked quistions:1. What tent are you using?2P SOSWA made by TSCHUM What stove are you using? POSHEHONKA BASIC S 3. What is the “black think” you are you drinking?A fungus called CHAGA that makes a great tea. 4. What are you eating on the bread?Liver pâté on rye bread (it’s a common think in Denmark). 5. Does the stove pipe not burn the tent?No. The pipe section which touch the tent does not get hot. It’s insulated. The rest of the pipe gets way to hot and will burn you and the tent. You can use the same stove in plastic tents. 6. Who is making the video?I am. it's a one-man-production. One camera and 20 batteries. Is using Imovie. 7. Where can I buy that saw?The saw is homemade from oak. You can't buy a saw in this design. Video about how to make one on the channel. ----------------------------You can see the gear list here You can see sponsors of the channel here--------------------------You can follow the channel on instagram here and get updates about the next video and behind the scene informationinformation on the website

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What's kappa

Myke animaciones

See you later!

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i was not able to ask for forgiveness before my dad died i was stubborn even after i knew he was in a serious condition we had a fight before he passed away when i got to the hospital i knew what had happened as the atmosphere of the room was different i was a bad daughter forgive them ask for forgiveness before its too late

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19:20 my fav part we kinda forever

Payslie :p

i thought olaf died in end game

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Ok what

Who else thought that the title meant that her "biological" mother actually kidnapped her and her step mom is her actual real biological mother


Imagine running from a Deathclaw that's chased you for miles. You're out of ammo and find a vault. You feel a sigh of relief as you open up the vault's door.

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Kawhi Leonard has exited the group chat **


it depends how you punish them.. because most of the time, punishing kids is helpful and prevents them from making bad choices in the future.



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I thought it said “Hit or miss” this is what tik tok did to me


i think one of the parts of this video have reference of mario tennis and excitebike 64 (camera)

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1 like = 1 slap for Jack

would come home drunk or smoking and she would abuse me, my little brother and sister,


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Last one is the winner

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Team necklace

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3. Tommy


i wasn't impressed i was hoping they would shoot from space

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I’m in love

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I knew someone heard surrvival by Eminem too!

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2:51 made me laugh so hard 😂👏🏼

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@Guymanguy12345 they were probably the expired eggs ;P

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Amazing trick shots ever


6:00 Guru's Book of Secrets :)

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Why don't you show panda real face. Don't ignore this please answer me

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It's a notched PICKAXE not an AXE 0:56. Lol

Tyler:no false Gold

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Frozen: Make it fun and cute.Frozen 2 Director: lets make the show dramatic since the kids are big now.FROZEN 2: DRAMATIC AND SCARY

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I would have just ran off the course

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OMG I just realized that they hit 10 million subs. I'm so proud of them❤

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Capture the flag nerf battle

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US dub is fucking awful

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Like si crees q es una gran musi