7 Awful Pranks Only Satan Would Try

Brian and Jason got a shipment of chemicals that could be used for pranks, not that we recommend that. The effects range from the worst of smells, to discoloration, to powder that'll stop you in your tracks.Extended Outtakes for this episode:to try these? All available at ScamStuff.com: Information99 Percent Invisible episode that further explains that putrid smell(patron reward): Articles: & BTS: used in this episode:"Old School Hip Hop Instrumental 17" by Carlsbro: Mission" by MarcusBresslerMusic: School Hip Hop" by Skull70: episode was made with the help of:Brian Brushwood - host -- Murphy - host / research -- Hughes - camera operator / editor -- Castillo - camera operator --

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Developers need to come up with more ways to reference Dark Souls than bonfires.

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One word: adoption

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If it looks like a Potterhead and it acts like a Potterhead....

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Babish, what’s the best culinary discovery that you’ve discovered?


I go with around 7 of the signs and i feel like im depressed but I dont know what to tell my mom or dad. They might think I'm crazy. Please help me.

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During this whole thing, tyler didn't wear his seatbelt fully over his shoulder, kids don't do that, it's dangerous

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