Adam Savage and Vsauce's Michael Stevens Geek Out Over Watches

Support videos like this -- and get a free gift -- by becoming a Tested Premium Member: Michael from Vsauce stops by Adam's cave to geek out over wrist watches! Both Adam and Michael are timepiece enthusiasts, and share with each other a few favorites from their respective collections. They could go on about horology for hours!Shot by Gunther Kirsch and Will NailEdited by Norman ChanSubscribe for more videos! us on Twitter: updates on Facebook: is: Adam Savage Chan Giertz Fameli Hari Ippolito Charlesworth Williams KirschRyan KiserThanks for watching!

Gavin Gunderson

The Panda is#1



1000 subscribers No videos??

Mexico was never in war with Vietnam.

Bigman Borris

A thousand likes...

Ashton Allen

Me:mom I got frost bite and my fingers fell off

Braden Smith

James Hinchcliffe said it would be a 9,000,000 hit shot. Not there yet.

SPEED_drawings 45

NAH MATE THEY DUMB IF THEY SAID THIS 1:56 I FUCKING HATE PPL WHO SAY THAT (I had a bunch of kids who said that and didn’t even know what it meant)


The amount of stuff going on in my head, it’s surprising that I’m still considered sane. I’ve had depressing especially since third grade and that was when it was worst. I had to take anti-depressants which led to a loss of appetite so some people made fun of me for being “too skinny” which didn’t help anything. Now a days it’s bipolar disorder (bipolar depression), with anxiety, OCD, ADD, panic attacks, and some other stuff I don’t feel like getting into. It also doesn’t help that I have a really bad stutter when it comes to talking about personal stuff so communicating about it is out of the question.

Inise Drame

6 years for this

David Legends

When you come back to this video and both players are injured...

Shocked Pika

He’s averaging over 32 points for the finals. But okay

Sai Thej

Finally coby won the match



Juliana Miranda

21:01 the way Ethan looks at grayson...


Anyone 2018

David Aupart

You missed several 1984 references, like room 101, which is used for torture in both the book and MGSV.


what are these Easter Eggs mean?

WO Movies

I love how competitive Ty is lol


The first thought that was in the people of new York's mind was oh God not again


its been scientifically proved that a human person cant hit something with the exact same force and angle etc twice, which would most likely also mean that you cant be 100% accurate...also the fact these guys have made 130139198 videos about shots like these, and they barely even cheer when they score, makes it highly suspicious...but then again they just might sit on their butts all day doing nothing but trying the shot... eventually its going to hit right?