ANIME EATS: Soufflè Pancakes (Cardcaptor Sakura)

NEW ANIME EATS SERIES! Anime food in real life.Food in anime always looks so delicious so I figured, might as well make it and actually eat it!The first anime I am featuring is Cardcaptor Sakura, one of my favorite magical girl anime/manga growing up. I am doing an elevated take of her favorite food: pancakes! In Japan, soufflè pancakes are super in right now, so I opted to try to make that.I teamed up with KOTOBUKIYA for this video and am showing off the cuuuuutest Sakura statue. Seriously, so in love with it.KOTOBUKIYAWebsite (US) • (JPN) • • •• Statue • PANCAKE RECIPEEveryone! I am Sylvia わかな, a half-Japanese food-loving girl living between Los Angeles & Tokyo. My life is made up of cats, matcha, and mugs. And I am in love with all things cute.Instagram • • • • Jayce Geesy - Catch You Catch Me (Cover)Instagram • (Falling Arrows) • • •

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Good video man, really considering getting this game

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Don't give him shit for posting an easter egg video. It's what he does. And it's what we're here to see. He posts easter eggs that HE likes and would like to share. If you don't like the amount of easter eggs on one specific game, stop watching. Don't act selfish. It is @FunWithGuru 's channel and again, he posts easter eggs that he likes.

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BEHOLD! the easter hunter that DOES show easter eggs!

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For the portal easter egg you really went in depth and did some experimenting


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I already knew this story, I heard this on another channel. Never-the-less it's inspiring, beautiful, and I believe JK Rowling is someone who's open to discussion, suggestion, and fan theories. For example, how she treats the cursed child. She's not just that inspiration, she is also someone who's created a beautiful world for so many, including me. Magic, for me, was what she showed me. Harry Potter was my childhood, I love the story.

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