Anime Voice Comparison- Erina Nakiri (Food Wars!)

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This isn’t real?


You saved his ass ty

Amtrak 449 Man

what's the name of the song

Aljaž Jesen

what is that background song

mum: uh no one I just dropped the tray..

LPSsugerplum Pawductions

My baby sister has the same tablet and case,me too ,me and my mom love your show your so awesome 😚😚🦄🦄🦋🦋


nice mf doom song

Turtle Boi

(Description wise)

Andrew Bennett

Lol my dad left me lol and my girlfreind takes advanteg of me wity sex

Shiva Rise

You are wright . we should fear what's coming after death.

Rasiel Rodriguez Arenas

me rasiel i can hit a homerun it is easy to do


So kevin thisco is the reason of breakups I now know who to blame

Anjel Velasquez

If you are watching this in 2019 hit that like button and comment your favorite trick shot.

luke gentil

watch my fence basketball shot



Haha, that unicorn is so cute! :D


Yeah, considering their reaction I doubt he can do it on a regular basis. In other words: with enough tries anyone can make it as long as you have the ability to throw it that far.

your dad

the countdown theme in the first clip makes me pretty confident that funwithguru is british

No Bully

Real title stickman edition

《The Toxic Potato》

Wonder if there arms started to hurt after this video throwing so hard with maybe a warmup

Rork Poast

I thought the guy committed homicide. I guess this is much worse... 🤷‍♂️

Exionic Films

Did anybody notice at the jumping picture she said do we jump on 1 or go but they counted 1 2 3 and they didn’t even say go

Mineral Blade

As a raptor fan I’m sorry for our stupid country for cheering on that poor mans leg being broken

Gibson Wade

I love traxxas