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juan pedro

hi pro

TristanGamez YT

And this kids is how spongebobs city bikini bottom was made

Person Hi

Bro should have put him on do not disturb

Nazish Bilal

there isnt any neon green shade in pallate and y in mini there r same shades repeating

mckayla •3•

This really shows how I was once an introvert, but now am trying to be more open with people who seem to "click" with me, though I still have many very awkward times when someone says "hi" and I say "hi" and they don't say anything, and I dont either. :/

Nick Rivas

How can you not just love steph 🏀

Hg the status maker


Mae McCardle

It’s pride month

William Hense

African children: are you gonna donate water or food?Dp: no lol but we can hit some dank ass trick shots while you watch

Jordan Spieth

My friend it wasn’t your fault, you don’t have to have feel guilty. Nobody holds you responsible. You were only nine don’t beat up about it. If your mom was still here Ashlee she wouldn’t want you to beating yourself up she would want you to be happy.

Dirt biking Super car


Murkex _

He looks like a young jj watt

Eden Behnke

When you’re by water Garett leaves

Country Old Town Roads

Ponyo is one of my favioute anime movies because it is a relaxing calming sad but amazing story and i feel like re watching it for once

Jonny Glendinning

Anyone else hope Cody drowned?

BellaDraws Yt

I would’ve called the police.

He abused 700 people


the games were H.E.R.O and pitfall 2 for the atari 2600

Me: the f*ck? a new video from kidguru!


What are thoose shoes? 2:54

Caitlin Okeefe

Wow I only watched this bc Jeff was in it as a Brooklyn girl I gravitate towards him and I am shocked at how talented he is at acting and facial expressions

Tamara Smith


Hellfire Black

Can't wait till they make single player DLC for red dead 2, one should be undead nightmare 2 and the other should he a prequel story of what happened before the blackwater massacre n what the gang was doing in new Austin

Even Garcia

Is fortnite still alive 2029 people

US government: no u

Jon Davis

But Lowry shoulda pushed him back the same way he got pushed. U can’t do that period


sudden siren

Love your video keep up the good work

J Flowers

Am i the only one who thinks nobody needs a sequel to frozen?


So it’s like the movies

Chel Si

Cody and Tyler are nice drivers !

Bacon Town

Ty’s dad

Haley Bounds

Joseph: I may not have the best voice in the world but I love to perform