ASMR *3D* Shaving Your Beard | Fairy Char's Salon

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Samsung Khan

I love all bro

Wolf xoxo

If he really molested the girl, why would he offer to get himself arrested? Going to the hospital and getting testing (if he actually did it) would get him arrested for raping her. I dislike this girl.

Giddy K

show how panda is or give a clue

literally nobody:

Jacob Davis

Sick video

Bradley Baker

The egg scrambler love it

Hyrule Player

0:47 if you turn on captions then instead of aisle seat guy it says RU7DRNFJKFC seat guy.

Onions Bts

Why does she saying like ansiady, like it got me annoyed.


Panda is boss 🐼🐼🐼🏯🏈🏀🎯⚽️⚾️🎾🎱o and I like ur song hey snickerdoodle

Fred Drex

You Took JPw03’s Name

Enkhjin Enkhtuvshin

Woah season 2. And Elsa’s new water-proof make up

Macy Taco

I know its kinda stupid but you should race GIANT BUTTERS on a SUPERSIZE PANCAKE! They can be fake but the butter would have soap and baby oil on the butter and the pancake would have obstacles like blueberries or syrup(oil)

Tony Rosa



USA all the way my fam says hi from Utah

Harriet John

I know you name Joseph from Kenya

shaun velez

At 0:37 you hear Issac Clarke breathing (the helmet's wearer)

Sander Bjørnsen

do the battlefield 4 megalodon easter egg!:D

Olivia Menard

NOOOOOO!!!!! Not all of the pizzas!!!! NOOOOO!!!

6-3 Skits

The pandas Tony Hawk


Sick vid!!! Do some Siri Easter eggs!!!

looks at camera for a few seconds

Dana Hadarig

I love you


Max can debate better then everybody he should run for president since hes non ignorent his words actually make sense

Wait I just noticed

dzul haikal12

why always tyler win in on battle?? i hate him




you put so much effort into these... amazing

Sincere Mccullough

That was sad but cool at the sam time

Breanna Ruiz

Bro I just had a baby 3 months ago and they said no jumping because you can rip the placenta that the baby’s in and kill him/her


Your a man bro you have a P.E.I.N.I.S but it’s ok 👌 if you want to be a girl you be a girl Keep up the good work :D


firewatch was best open world walking sim ever you have to be god when finding easter eggs like this

Ankita Pramanick

I m anxious

Luxdarls !

That’s the reason why we should not take our rights we enjoy for granted !!

Charman’s Channel

So guys you went up 2million in less than 2 mlnths

akshat s

Seems like black mirror

Liza Jane

You always could tell the twins apart

Gel Ian

Awww it's so cute to see her with stormy ❤️