ASMR Eating sounds!!! Russian Traditional Foods Tasting ♥ (see description :)

Hello my loves ^_^ originally this video was supposed to be a part of a Russian Customs and Culture Video that is coming up very soon, but I realized that many of you do not like eating sounds so I am posting it separately for those who do enjoy sounds of food description and tasting. I am sorry if this was disappointing to some but I really enjoyed making this and I hope some of you will like it :) I was doing my best in keeping it classy yet yummy. ♥ Thank you and see you soon with the rest of the video :))) Recipes of dishes used in the video: Red Borscht: (pilaf): salad: Herring salad: (marshmallow): gingerbread with jam: MP3Play MP3MP3MP3This video is created for relaxation and ASMR/tingles inducing purposes only. For more information about ASMR phenomenon click here: ***PayPal (Donations): Email: maria@gentlewhispering.comwebsite:

The Waffle King

Endon is a character in Deltora Quest.

ChoclateSniffle, Minecraft and More

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Monse Land

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Jordan Kusabs

What does wagwan mean and what is it derived from? My friend who went and lived in Britain for 3 years came back to Australia and was saying that... :|

Coyotes Rulz

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Thank you, Guru. I love your videos. They are professional and well done. No bullshit attached.

Orbita de Loona

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Hey!! Guys you are awsome and I wish I could be like you :)

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THEORY:I think its related to Moana's giant spirit because in this trailer we see a giant too. + its related to Brave Meredith because we see those Giant Rock Formation. I think will finally learn about the magical powers just like Rapunzel's


Thank you for making this asmr video. Stoker is great movie!

Lilly Musaeus

Who else would love to see Coby own a cat? Like if you agree

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Something I hate society is the need to be beautiful and I get it’s nice to feel pretty but you should not change your self! I also hate how models and ads have people that are photoshopped to look skinner it’s just like that’s not possible! They put these expectations into people’s heads that aren’t achievable! You guys are all pretty! <3


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I knew it from when i watched the 1st video they use some serious aimbot ;P