AUWWW !! | Turbo Dismount #5

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robert campo

U can be friends that quick those kinds of scars can not be healed that easy

Antoni Ciciulla


Jeepers Scoob

The hero is named Frodo Baggins, The fireplace : Mordor, The mountain : Mount doom, the "psycho" : Gollum/Smeagol and the birds are eagles.

Yeah as if the game(and the first) wasn't super dark what with using a camcorder that has a night vision that you use a LOT :P

ThePotatoQueen _ForEver

I will consider this video as my birthday present from you, since it’s tomorrow. Thank you!🥳

memez gacha?

I think I'm bi or guy I don't know I'm definitely not straight but I can't tell anyone about it cus I don't think that they accept it ecepceaaly my brother he should hate me for it

Pushpa Agarwal

you dudes are really perfect.....

Elite Crew

take all exclusives games off the consoles and there wont be any console left

Wombo Combo

i was like " pfft this guy is wayyy off ... about to press youtube home button but then it curves O.o

Xeron Devan

Signature dunk 😍

Aaron Chris

Perfect story.

Owen Crossey


Rodrigo Cortes

Why are you guys so surprised when you accomplish your task? Isn't it expected?

Manjeet Singh

Very nice

Bradley Baker

The egg scrambler love it

Sebastian Holguin

It would be so cool if at the end, their would be an alternate ending where the helicopter was just an illusion and the people you've been talking to and every thing you've seen was just an illusion and you were just dreaming.

Tiziano Finozzi

nice video ;)

Evander SU'A

i like the dunk when he looks like the MJ logo


It's called Here is Love by City of Lions. it'll be up on our channel later today! :)

sam fernandez

When people respond with “k” I would think long live this conversation

liliana hoyos

do with alex morgan

Jordan Taylor

I really hate how most people on here i just fucking complaining get diagnosed and stop saying you're stressed. It's so much different

GamerGirlTEE YT

Jesus, if Trump and Kim star WWIII, I will go to the ISS and live there forever.

Gigi Joplin

I have struggled from family problems for a very long time and at first I was just depressed but as I got older I found myself with a problem with my anger. I would break things and often hurt myself to relieve myself from the anger. But I wouldn’t cut because it is too obvious. When my mom found out she threatened to send me to a psychiatric hospital and that is the only reason why I try to control my anger and now sometimes I will be depressive but not as much as I used to because now all I really have is anger and it can be bad but I haven’t done anything super destructive

I think that's a reference to the movie when Sonya kills Kano, she hold locks him with her legs around his neck and he says "give me a break, Sonya!" she then says "ok" and snaps his neck

BlueBlazesGT Of Legend

Why Garret is invisible body

Ale Tayl

Finish the quote. ztitle: Psychopath brokes into our house


I know what we should make video nextSKIPP CHALENGE!!!!Who vote?????

TourUrbn -

Wow I was expecting something really bad but holy shit this bops 😂

Santana Lopez

Hey guru, are you sure that the deadrising easter egg wasn't a reference to the show community?


My question is: Why?

Sharon Spuler

was there birthdays really on the same day

Hunter Follen

Plz garden warfare slender man


star light

Anxiety:Look give up on jim

Kale Hargreaves

Goat lil skies

Keerti Das

Title: "My husband left me before I got rich" ummmm........ thats not really the point of the vid😂😂


Dough rat man's voice can't be heard if you turn the music volume off

Thats Entertainment. James, like Colbert, is very good in this. Wonderful Opening Number.

king izzy

Shiiii if I had to pick a Celeb to be with in a zombie apocalypse, best believe I'm going with malu trevejo 😍😍😍😍😍😍

Hero Agarkid

460st comment

Not WesgoatGod123

RIP man in 2:29

Husky. Png

3:42 kill it with fire


the beginning sounded like the hunger games whistle...