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not it chief, all love for em tho

Dylan Bancud

put some boobs in the thumbnail b#tch put some boobs in the thumbnail b#tch

Miguel the master Chua

Is the cort ok


cAn i GEt aN @

Mandy Wong

That accent is on point!👏👏👍👍


vaishnav kriahna

Delete your channel noob

Anthony Yap

is it me or did cody drop the f bomb 6:00

Samuel Ericsson

When not having anxiety gives you anxiety😁

Muhammed Tc

Hey...wait a minute...

Megan Coulter

Ethan is me... "Oh okay thank you guys for listening. Thanks guys."

Landon Tlachi

Mario 1

Norielyn Malab

Wiiiie..exciting itow

FirstName LastName

That is my local jumpstreet

Mgmhall Madison

All my doctors think I have anxiety because I sleep a lot but I'm only 11 so they think it's a part of puberty. I'm almost certain it's just anxiety. And my mom doesn't know is that I have Suicidal Thoughts and it scares me sometimes. My mom wants me to go to psychiatrist but I really don't want to what should I do?

GG bro

a sea horse

Jack A.

If you bring Lydia to bleak fast cave were the SW Easter egg is at she will say"I've got a bad feeling about" this :D

Abe p.

that might be another robot built just like r2-d2

Run your mouth boy you can take a hike (take a hike)

Tisha Allen-Jack

This title doesn't match the video

Joseph Kelley

That second round MUSTA went on for half an hour. I was on my knees, thanking God Me:



Παυλος Ιωνα



Hah. You guys are all freaking out over channel one! AndYes, its real.

Robbie Abbott Ramsay

I've said this before and I will say it again. What fun is there in being normal. I have autism and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Izz Iqbal

Aw damn, I was really waiting for the Darkest Dungeon's ancestor quest nod.



so in 2012 dempsey will blow up the earth?

Lesane Crooks

Steph is soft

Kitkat'n calli

your amazing

Holli Torres

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5'2" can confirm

Saad Ali


Daniel Viveros

Español???No entendí nada :v

Logan Sanders

Word of advice to everyone. You know the mcu? Yeah? When you play this game, disregard it entirely. Don’t think the game is worse for not being the mcu. Just like you should disregard the comics when watching the movies. All of these are based off of each other, but none of them are direct copies. It’s better this way, so that we don’t get over saturated with the same exact thing over and over.

Veronica Alvarado

Hermosa parte la 3:38 la amo

Anton Johansson

Like if you are watching this in 2013