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how long did it take to make these

J Laferty

3:58 is relatable in everything

Radical Fox

This boy is really stupid

Sophia Sellers

I want 3 baby's 1 more haha I just had twins about 2 months ago

Memphis Harrington

My bf wouldnt even do it without asking me

Maddie Tipton

Me with my brother but when we're running

Purich Klampaiboon


Gabriela Sabrina Gavenea


Now Gabrielle, that’s a no on the French braids... They’re not a style that fits you, you’re too elegant for those! 🙅🏽‍♀️ And when you stand, please fix your shorts 👍🏽👍🏽

Evedraw 0000 hartono

Online 'beauty' test more like

Shannon Crosby

1:10 the blue things creating the pink fire look like Whispies from Brave1:14 the fire creates flowers in the tree that are the same flowers from TangledAnd 1:30 aren’t those the stones from Brave??

Gavigamer X

in wheel unfortune you should add a not bath for two weeks challange

Wahengbam Ibomcha

Tyler u r the best

AnuAzure AzureDreamSky

She was born male when she was supposed to be a female. The soul.

She had cancer and diabetes.


howl 💕


i know 22 sub is int a lot of subs buti just started yesterday


Thank you Nintendo for sharing this trailer for the Sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I did not expect this at all, it gave me the shivers from the moment I read the title and went through the entire trailer. To think that such a profound title of the Legend of Zelda would have a sequel, it just feels right, as if it was always meant to be.


I have no friends

Ammie Dai

I didn't like the background music either

Kelvyn Miguel

Eu oh hxj

Abigail Myers

The double sunglasses on the outback dude>>>

casino Biddle-Cserney

you remind me of Batman.