Binbougami-ga Cooking

Disclaimer: I own or gain nothing from this video.Anime: Binbougami-ga episode 9

Jude Marling

hmmm France (commented in 2019 in april ._.)

tricia dugger

cory sucks at fifa cant score a goal with nowon plaing agest him!

Let's get this bread

What if they're looking for their parents?

CalebP2507 3D

Can’t wait to see you in spider man far from home can’t wait


Org already means original gangstas

J.I .S


Sophie Dixon-Wright

I've been ill for the past few days and most likely will also be tomorrow but ay at least I got one of my fav youtubers uploading a good video to distract me from the pain :') thanks Guru

frzna bbr

Isnt it half denying its our fault too? Like finding other's fault?

Abdulaziz Sauod

The title should’ve been “fortnite ruined my life”

Keylan Gray

sling shot

rainbow child


Carl Wheezer Meme Dealer

Yooo I’m high af and i thought adventure time were having bacon n eggs in howls moving castle


I can beat the world record of laziness 😂 Like I've been doing it for years!! 😂😂

Mariah Peters

You need to do it in worick


Thank you keep it up

DragonGamez YT


Edit: omg people actually are reading my comment! Thank you all so much

1st Monty

Now thats an angry bird xD

AOKI 556

I love how unbiased this is

Jesse and Ruben

It's not fake JK Rowling's

Noah Miller

I have a birthday of march 23


dogs +18 = 18 dogs. ... Your point being?

Gorgeous Freeman

Exactly truth. I have bpd.

Garland Hanlin

You should make more of these


No one: Legit no one:Disney: YEET, IMMA CONFUSE ALL THESE PEOPLE


wow Wii Sports got a great update


do a happy gilmore challenge

Jimmy a Geek

Fight for Visa Free World!

Philip G

That's awesome that jimmy Kimmel is in far from home



Adnan A

I didn’t know they’re still making Pokémon games

Frederik Duclos

New England patriots edition

Angela M

Man....growing up my parents did all that, plus a lot more... Wish they could've followed advice like this. My mom hardly ever even hugged/touched me. When I'd say "I love you" she would just change the subject or say "...yeah..." if I ever have kids I will never be like them

Scott Gast

When you relate so much to a single song!

Ari O. Ramirez

Food saved his life

100% Me

I love panda

kerl joseph

U guys should do a tour in the Caribbean


so weird