Binging with Babish: Spinach Puffs from The Emperor's New Groove

Disney films often adorn their supporting characters with lowkey foodie characteristics - Mushu's offering of congee, Timon's love of cream-filled beetles, Snow White's partiality to poison apples - but none quite so sweet and prideful and Kronk's love of spinach puffs.Celebrate the 17.75th-year anniversary of this David Spade classic with these crunchy, cheesy, buttery, spinach-y appetizers.Music: "Apple Pies and Butterflies" by Blue Wednesdayout my playlist of preferred cooking tunes, Bangers with Babish: With Babish Website: With Babish Website: Podcasts:

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0:28 master builder gives octo his hammer


who's watching in 2k17?


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tu peux réussir sunny day

Of course Elsa is enough. She's the queen of ice!

Daynelis Parra

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José Victor

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Laverne Huxley

At 1:29 reminds me of the rock formation circle that merida scene(what do you call that?) In Brave

Garrett Snider

“Get in the hole get in the hole” said ty. ; )

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I too have a channel on youtube Aryan Art


@Vaughnage25- do it then post it on here as a video response

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I might be 9 but I'm still a kid

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Mwla dyff

8:54 Girl:In a long time I felt calm Me: You felt calm on the EXACT same day

Legitimate Legend

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Snazzy Man

The guy who goes last in the finale always wins.

Izmael Lopez

I honestly hoped they would have launched themselves