Binging with Babish: Tamales from Coco

Pixar's latest laser-guided annihilator of heartstrings, Coco, starts off in the sunny Mexican town of Santa Cecilia, where 12-year-old Miguel's abulea does two things very well: staving off music of any kind, and slinging tamales.These little packets of south-of-the-border love can be tricky and time-consuming, but make for the perfect Oscar party snack next week when we watch Coco inevitably lose the trophy to Boss Baby.*If you leave your pork to marinate overnight, be sure not to leave it in foil and use an enamel or glass vessel instead.I've been nominated for a Shorty Award!Please vote for me here:"Juparo" by Broke for FreePodcasts: out my playlist of preferred cooking tunes, Bangers with Babish: With Babish Website: With Babish Website:

Bryce lovs tacos

This is cool


O no I hate zombie games

Christian Valencia

Like si supiste qué era Becky G

Ralph Boli

Search ralph boli to watch more Rba lets see who you're team is


Guillermo is the only funny person on your show, other than that your show is garbage jimmy kimmel

John Phillips

you were scaring me there


My cabbages!!!

EC Murphy

Let's go O's! (my favorite team)

Andrew Kim

elsa exhibits true lesbian energy


holy shit I never noticed but Black Philip from The Witch just sounds like ASMR Zeitgeist lol

Julie Ray

Rangers all life

Edding R20

Wow thanks for the likes!

Shane Legaspi


Adin Fitzgerald

23 bounces

Ismael Diaz

That face on 4:51 looked like syndicate

Tripp Gordon

@beaniesonwaffles playing basketball is time well spent. its called sports. you should try them sometime.

Carlitoast 2

Do something special for Episode 100!



Hah,someone disliked it so it would be 69 again :D

Content Mastery

when he fell

Eugene Crabs

They rented a helicopter to break a world recordMe: NOT WORTH

Carder Hutchinson

Remember in the first trailer, that girl. Well I want her to be Moana. #disneyprincessavengers

Rajat Chakraborty

You should've burnt his house

Chowvie Gaming CM

10:55 i actually cried... 😢😢

SaGe Andrew

This is lies

Toenah B

it was a tie [i put it on slowmo]

Jari Abdul Salam

All i can hear is LIKE.


So Marcus is in GoW4?

Long live nip$ey

Julie Cripps

the name for the bow and arrow basketball shot should be called bow and arrow baller

mind blowing science


ARandom Potato

Uhh.. uhhh... Ummmm what text🤷 that's what would have come out of my mouth