Birdboy - NLE Choppa [ 1 Hour Loop - Sleep Song ]

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Jesse Torres

Unknown story but I’m sure it’s worth it. Sounds like Elsa is the main Hero this time around. Finding the truth behind the ice powers that’s quite a journey to see someday.

Shadow Hunter

Is that a Frost giant..?For some reason I can't shake off the idea of Else being in Jotunheim

Narine Phillips

I Can relate.I don't have a phone.

Cole Donner

please make a 2nd one


You forgot the Nicolas Cage easter egg from "The Wicker Man". It's in Autumnvale in Drustvar and the quest is called "Mind the Hives".

Victorina Aguirre


To the tanooki suit and the cape


video robado por Theolisr

Pc gamers: wait we've had those for years... Enjoy,

James Wong

Me: I don't feel so good...

Paul M


Robert Millis


Hannah Gacha

She randomly called the police?? Gosh people are dying everyday because of people like her clogging up the phone line.

P.S. I must also agree with the other YouTube commentators that the "fashion" included i the video is very much breathtaking. Much love.

Amy Pearson


Tay Ashi

where my thai family at tho 😂

At least we'll get a port, but it is in no way improved.


And both MW2 and MW3 had controversial "Holy Shit This Is Bad But I Must Keep Playing" moments MW2 had the Airport massacre known as No Russian and MW3 had a little girl get blown up by a truck which btw that didn't just blow her up so y'know terrorist attack you know

Masen Eric

dumbass cod fanboy -.-

Mimi&Angel Aguirre

Talking about dogs there's a horrible person who is poisoning all pets in my sister in law street they have taken those two lovely cats away from her Milo and kimchi 😭😭😭 if I ever find out I would tear the fuck out that biatch and the neighborhood aready have cameras and watching for that pet killer I got they get them

Lincoln Huynh

Or crosser(s)

Madison Finny

Hey dude perfect I love this channel please answer back plz

NorAisah Abdul Samad

Osmosis Jones (2001) Buena Vista Pictures

Jayden James

I was surprised


Have you guys ever visit to japan?

AsD 35

That's why you should have a hard head.



Sara Cobb

Not Garret bc he doesn’t have hair

DIY queen Char