Building A Super Shelter In The Woods (Part 2)

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Incredible gamer Benson

Ty is trash

Lizard Gaming

The best

Jaycep Mathieu Navarro

I saw this in 2018

Ana Rojas

Me encanta no hay minas en pelotas y el tema salió genial iguallll

Battushig Gansukh

metro 2033 footstep sound is joke


What mark zuckerberg doing in here?

Actually idk how similar the real life thing is to the game, but all I know is that it’s based off the same idea. Poor ants :((

Yonis Zapata

This lie it was in 1971 you. sound young soooooooo your. trying. to be brave

alex halligan

Are Annie and Asher together yet



Charlotte Kalz


Me: pauses Vid and Grabs mic I lost my best friend to cancer

jeremy v

you should do eli maning quitter back of the new york giants

Michael Judd

dude, you guys are epic:D

Damaris Lugo

I'm so sorry for your loss, love! You're in my thoughts and prayers! ❤

Kinming Wong

Love your videos, @FunWithGuru U point easter eggs that I have never noticed before in video games and movies. Do you think u can do recent ones like Batman Arkham Knight, Avengers Age of Ultron (Movie), etc?

Now u pop ur pussy for the warner brothers

The Bluesky1

She’s so sad for getting a b in a class while I’m proud of myself for getting one in math. Go figures :/



(i’m from indonesia pls bare with my english)


Miss you Guru!! :(

SuperJayden !

Anyone here in 2019 Also these shots are CRAZY

gamerguy12 games

i love it

Blastromorphas S

Why does he kinda remind me of Cole from infamous?

Simply Erica

0:01 Zendaya? she looks like her

love you

this story sounds so familiar

Ayan Khaleel

I wanted panda to win but if he wasn't doing the challenge my top pick wold be ty🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼

hitten_ hard52