Caps Calculated Bait, When "SHELLY" Do The 200IQ Play | LoL Epic Moments #358

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Toronto wont take KD with this injury after Raptors win and KD asks to be traded to Toronto next year.

Music Productions

Yay!!! Panda!!!!


Wow I'd almost forgotten what a great game Max Payne 3 is ..... time to check the steam sales methinks :)

Kimberly S'Q

Me encanta ♥️☹️


Good to hear your voice! Never heard it since bo1!

Allison Argent

I would have gone to the police 😅

Inayat Momin

traffic tower,shot is my favorite



G Sonnenberg

Hey Guys i'am frogermany check out my Trick shot. Heftiger Wurf not perfect but for me okayy:-)

Klutchh Kaeleb

My favorite is laser time


이유튜버는불가능을 해낸딘And like pls

Rony Cook's

My emotions though this vid:🤔😯😓😥😣😮🤓😢😭😱😵😌


What about Golden Freddy from Five nights at Freddy's?

Matthew Ragsdale

Leave a like is your team coby

Pedro Caobianco

I like Brazil better


No way! Panther Arena 💛🖤 I go to school there!

Out Of Oblivion Productions

Stupid out of control bitch.

Santiago Gonzalez

0:26 seconds. That is not Ellie it’s Joel’s child which died at the beginning of the game her name is Sarah

Zoya & ze Doggo

0:58 she looks constipated...

aekarin borrirak

And there's my mum, saying I won't get into the school band, but my friend will.

YoYo Playz

dud these r not Easter eggs

RedguyGames 12

Wait you guys cant order specific seats at the movie theater we can order them


New "My Top 10" video tomorrow! I just wanted to get this up because it's the return of one of my favourite easter eggs from the previous games. I hope you guys don't mind. Thanks for watching!

im getting cristine vibes omg


the way the music just stop spook me...

Tequila Mean

Anarchy, chaos, nihilism, love and hatred. That all existence is.


What about LeBron James

Manikandank TAMIL

109M views realy amazing...

Leticia Fausto

do it on soccer

Haylee Scott

I've never cried so much from a video. I turned off my iPad and quickly texted me mom 😂 😭

Me: are ya’ll crazy why did you have children!?!?!?

Graham Spencer

Why didn’t panda have a Chinese flag?

Justin Kador

december 2o18 any one


Annoying music


im probs wrong but the shot at 2:00 looks fake. From the angle it seems it will bounce off but suddenly it goes out of shot then back in and the ball goes in...

Te Smallman

save the best for last

Noah Harrison

Swiggity swoogity

Catheryn Benson

i dont know whats happening anymore

i i

:( I'm SO sorry

Izzy Jones

Her voice is annoying

I would immidiately kick them out of my house and say that he is a discrace to me

And yeah.. thanks so much for reading have a great day :)