Cooking by the book but every time Ziggy misbehaves he gets chucked into the blender

Ziggy is disobedient, unlike Stingy.

Rene Hudson

He rubbed his but when ty smacked it 57


I wouldnt want that near me either. But then again, he sat front row so those things can happen.


My Dad alway smokeing but my dad is nice he alway Make me laugh and He Is very nice and My Dad Have a job for his Land

Lady-But I want to hold a kiss and love my OWN baby that I gave birth to!!!!


Топ топ топ. Аж мурашки по телу. Ради игри коплю на комп

Paradox Ian

SCP-███ has breached containment at Site-█, due to an unexpected ████████. It has escaped, most likely into another ████████ universe.

Grant Thomas


Awkward City

I can relate, even with the doggo thing lol. Except while he does help with my depression a little I still be struggling with just life-ing. I life enough to make sure his lil cute self gets food and his feathery siblings get food and water and are cared for. I'm not glad that people go through the same thing or similar things that I do but I'm glad I'm not alone. Even though that sounds kinda fecked up thinking about it...

Does the person speaking in the video sound like a woman?

blue ninja

read the discripshon for a guns licents I love your vids this is agents the law tho

Jonathon Ball

YG did it first don’t forget my OG


aww poor homophobe! Everybody should be able to have their own opinion, but she deserves to be outcast for not accepting gay people.

Dj Avi8055

Pls tell name of your channel where you show the failed attempts!!!


how can a woman be filled with so much resentment for her own, living, breathing child? it's so absurd that a grown-ass, adult woman can actually bring herself not only just to hate her own child, but express it in such ways that have consequences that impact the rest of the child's life. the girl was what, 5? and the brother was even younger than that? that shit ain't reversible. especially at such a young age. i'm glad the girl is ok now and is no longer associated with her mother.

Chilly Icey

So I just took a depression test and it went 80% so it's I'm really depressed :)

yung papii

It wasn't mentioned in the vid but if you shoot off all of the mannequins's arms they act like the boos in Mario

Coment logic

Jack Fisher

Hey, next time you're doing layer cocktails, use a upside down spoon, just hold the spoon over the top and slowly pour what ever you're trying to layer. If the base liquid you're using is sturdy enough like a very sweet liqueur, the spoon will help the other liquid to land in the cocktail easily without mixing with the rest of the cocktail. This method is used when layering Irish cream on top of blue curacao in alien brain hemorrhage shots.

Nina Perry



yes idiot. where does it say they didnt

I do this in an online support group as I can't afford it where I live. There's many on Facebook and if you're serious about wanting help let me know and I'll give you some information

Pineapple Chan

Luke's shirt is gonna give you a badtime


How is it so easy for you

Shane Dugan

Zeke would’ve crushed it if the challenge was hitting women

Tiyler Winters

Lol who needs Xenoverse 3 😒😒😒

Agents of Hydra

2:35 look it's ssundee

ObamadoesJUUL x

This has to be fake nobody survives that

Pooja Iyer

Who will be the host if Tyler is selected in wheel unfortunate

fredbear perductions

it sounds like oh shit I stink



One original: She believes he has red hair, and sent a picture to the drawers but they saw it was actually a brown... Jk

Ashley M

Yay! This was a big moviewhen I was younger!!!!

Bryson Bauducco

I was sitting here wondering how many times you have to film these. Then seeing that Hole in One I realized it does not even matter. You guys nail so many sick shots.

Spider Monkey

I like the old guy

Fan Made

November Or December 2018..??🤔🤔


not a pea shooter, its bellsprout

Jake Cotton

The audio syncing is a bit off for the mass effect Easter egg

Kawaii Nightcore



Who is watching in 2017

Wohni Manni manni

shadow wolf

I'm going to send these to all my friends and acquaintances who are suicidal mostly it's the girls who are not loving themselves and are depressed


by the way the vedieo is cool😍😘

Kasim Hussain


Waffle cake

I dont get the Splatoon one :(

diana reyna

for number 6 lolololllolololollolololololololol


wtf yall need to hear this

Annonymous Hoodie

1730 anyone?

Aiden N

Why recommend so late

Scarlett la Reina

the combo of kristin and jen makes me crack up 😂 😂 😂


Best show on complex

Nancy Lopez

who's watching this in 2016

Random Games

Love you so much

moosebandit 1

He should be a qb


Im sorry But this video literally made no f scence

Some Asian Dude

1:33 says 458 puts 485

Mitsuha Naeva

2:09Tsar Bomba the boss Of all bomb


It's great how the hockey trick shot video is done by hockey players. . . Because you know no one else can do it haha

Babay Chatterjee

Can you please tell me the background song of this video...