IRL Fruit Ninja with Evan Breen | Cooking with Marshmello

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Wood Fired Pizza Oven made over a gym ball

This video is about building a Wood Burning Oven over a gym ball for cooking Pizza

Dosa Recipe | ধোসা তৈরির সহজ পদ্ধতি । How to make Dosa | South Indian Food Recipe

Hello foodies. Welcome to Bangalir Ahar. In this video you will learn how to make south indian dosa. It is a very crispy dosa recipe in Bengali. The main important part of the procedure is to make the dosa batter. I have explained the entire procedure step by step. Hope you will like it.নমস্কার বন্ধুরা।আমি আজ একটি অত্যন্ত জনপ্রিয় দক্ষিণ ভারতীয় রেসিপি নিয়ে উপস্থিত হয়েছি, আর সেটি হল- ধোসা। এই video টিতে আমি দেখিয়েছিকিভাবে আপনারা বাড়িতে খুব সহজেই ধোসা বানিয়ে নিতে পারেন। Recipe টি আপনারা দেখুন , যদি ভালো লাগে তাহলে এটি অবশ্যই Like ও Share করবেন।আর তার সাথে আমার Channel টি ও অবশ্যই subscribe করবেন। তাহলে দেখে নিনধোসা তৈরী করতে কি কি উপকরণ লাগছে। Dosa Recipe - - IngredientsFor making #Dosa1. Parboiled rice -1 cup2. Urad Dal -1/2 cup3. Semolina (Suji) -1/2 cup4. Salt (According to taste)5. Sugar (According to taste)6. Refined oil (According to need)For making Sambar1. Dried peas (Matar Dal) -150 gm.2. Vegetables (According to your choice. I have used some carrot, potato, beans, onion, gourd etc.)3. Salt (According to taste)4. Turmeric powder -1 tbsp5. Kashmiri red chili powder - 1tbsp6. Tamarind juice -3 tbsp7. Maggi Masala -2 packet8. Refined oil (According to need)9. Mustard -1 tbsp10. White cumin seeds - 1 tbsp11. Dry chili -3/4 pieces12. Curry leaves (According to taste)For making Chutney-1. Coconut pieces -1 cup2. Cashew nut -1/2 cup3. Green chili -2 pieces4. Ginger - 1 small piece5. Salt (According to taste)6. Sugar (According to taste)7. Refined oil (According to need)8. Mustard - 1/2 tbsp9. White cumin seeds - 1/2 tbsp10. Dry chili -3/4 pieces11. Curry leaves (According to taste)In this video you will learn - How to make DosaThank you. Keep watching me at -facebook - - - - I K E -- S H A R E -- C O M M E N T - - S U B S C R I B E-~-~~-~~~-~~-~-Please watch: "দীঘার বিখ্যাত চিংড়ি পকোড়া । Crispy prawn pakora| Quick and easy starter"

Tokyo Vlog: Shinjuku & Ueno

Hello everyone! In today's vlog, we visit the suburbs of Ueno and Shinjuku! We visit Ueno Park, Tokyo Government Metropolitan Building, Shinjuku station and shop in Shinjuku! I hope you enjoy! The final Tokyo vlog will be uploaded shortly! Be sure to head over to my channel to check out the rest of the series! Please comment, like and subscribe! SOCIAL MEDIA:Instagram: alexanderwborg@gmail.comPrevious vlog: #Shinjuku #Japan

봄의 영양이 듬뿍 담긴 주꾸미볶음🐙#제철요리 : Korean Spicy Stir-fried Small Octopus [아내의 식탁]

-3월부터 제철을 맞는 주꾸미는 여러 조리 방법이 있지만, 역시 가장 맛있는 건 주꾸미볶음 같아요. 맛있게 매운 양념에 익어가는 모습을 보고만 있어도 침샘을 자극하는데요~ 콜레스테롤 감소와 피로회복에도 좋다고 하니, 주꾸미로 봄 건강을 잡아보세요!Small octopus (Jukumi), starting its season in March, has various cooking methods but stir-frying is probably the best way to cook it. Just the sight of chewy octopus simmering in spicy gochujang sauce gives us a good appetite. Small octopus is also good for decreasing cholesterol and relieving fatigue. Keep your family’s appetite and health with small octopus in season!ㅡ#사용제품- 모리노 소금후추 그라인더하남 쭈꾸미재료] -2인분-- 재료: 주꾸미 10마리(550g), 양파 1/2개, 당근 1/4개, 대파 1/2대, 청양고추 1개, 홍고추 1개, 소면 한줌(100g), 청주 1큰술, 소금 양간, 참기름 1큰술, 통깨 약간, 식용유 약간- 양념장: 고추장 3큰술, 고춧가루 2큰술, 간장 2큰술, 맛술 1큰술, 다진마늘 1큰술, 설탕 1큰술, 올리고당 1큰술, 생강즙 1큰술, 후춧가루 약간 [Stir-fried Small Octopus Ingredients] -2servings-- Ingredients: 10 (550g) Small octopus, 1/2 Onion, 1/4 Carrot, 1/2 Green onion, 1 Hot green chili, 1 Red Chili, 100g Thin Noodle, 1tbsp Rice Wine, A Bit of Salt, 1tbsp Sesame Oil, A Bit of Sesame Seed, Some Vegetable Oil- Sauce: 3tbsp Gochujang, 2tbsp Red pepper Powder , 2tbsp Soy Sauce, 1tbsp Cooking Wine, 1tbsp Minced Garlic, 1tbsp Sugar, 1tbsp Oligosaccharide, 1tbsp Ginger Juice, A Bit of Pepper[주꾸미볶음 레시피 I Instruction]1.주꾸미는 머리부분을 뒤집어 먹통과 내장을 떼어내고, 소금과 밀가루를 넣고 문지른 후 흐르는 물에 깨끗이 씻어주세요.1.Turn the head of small octopus inside out and remove ink sack and other organs. Rub with salt and flour and wash in clean running water. 2.끓는 물에 청주와 소금을 넣고, 손질한 주꾸미를 넣어 10초 정도 살짝 데쳐주세요. 크기가 큰 주꾸미는 먹기 좋은 크기로 잘라주세요. (tip. 주꾸미를 먼저 익힌 뒤 볶아야 물도 생기지 않고 부드럽게 드실 수 있어요. 청주를 넣어 데치면 주꾸미의 비린향을 제거할 수 있답니다)2.Put rice wine and salt in boiling water and parboil the squid for about 10 seconds. Cut some of the larger ones into bite-sized pieces. (Parboiling prevents the squid from getting watery and keeps its tender texture. Also, adding rice wine removes the fishiness.)3.냄비에 물을 끓인 후 소면을 넣어주세요. 물이 끓어오르면 찬물 반 컵을 2~3번 정도 반복해서 부어 국수를 삶아주세요. 흐르는 찬물에 소면을 여러 번 헹궈 전분기를 없애고, 동그랗게 모양을 잡은 후 체에 밭쳐 물기를 빼주세요.3.Boil some water in a pot and add thin noodles. When the water boils, add a half cup of cold water and repeat this procedure 2-3 times. Wash the noodle in cold running water to remove excess starch. Make small balls of noodles and leave on a strainer to remove water. 4.양파는 굵게 채를 썰고, 당근은 먹기 좋게 썰어주세요. 대파와 청양고추, 홍고추는 어슷하게 썰어주세요. 양념재료는 모두 볼에 섞어주세요.4.Cut the onion into thick strips and carrots into bite-sized pieces. Cut spring onion, cheongyang pepper and red chili pepper sideways. Mix all the ingredients for spicy sauce in a bowl. 5.달군팬에 오일을 살짝 두르고 채썬 양파와 대파를 넣어 볶아주세요. 대파의 향이 올라오면 양념재료를 넣어 볶고, 주꾸미, 당근, 청양고추, 홍고추를 넣어 고루 섞이도록 빠르게 볶아주세요. 마지막에 참기름과 통깨를 뿌려주세요.5.Put some oil on a heated pan and add onion and spring onion. When the spring onion starts making nice aroma, add the spicy sauce, stir-fry for a few seconds and add octopus, carrot and peppers. Make sure to keep this procedure concise and quick. Add sesame seeds and sesame oil at the very end. 6.주꾸미볶음과 소면을 함께 즐겨주세요. 남은 주꾸미 볶음에 밥과 김가루, 콩나물, 깻잎, 치즈 등을 넣어 볶아 드시면 더 맛있게 즐기실 수 있어요.6.Enjoy the stir-fried octopus with thin noodles. Also, try making fried rice by stirring in rice, seaweed flakes, bean sprouts, perilla leaves and cheese to leftover octopus.ㅡ[아내의 식탁 앱 다운받으러 가기] - 즐거운 시간, 아내의 식탁*FACEBOOK: @wifes_cuisineEMAIL: Canon 6d mark2Software: Adobe Premiere, Aftereffects*이 영상의 다운로드 및 2차 편집을 금지합니다.*© 2018 by Wife's cuisine. All rights are reserved.#쭈꾸미 #침샘자극 #주꾸미덮밥 #제철요리

Culinary 411 - Basic Knife Skills

AUWWW !! | Turbo Dismount #5

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1 Elimination = 10,000 VBucks w/ My 13 Year Old Little Brother - Challenge!

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Primitive Food: Skills catch fish season spawning fish and Cooking fish recipe - Eating delicious

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I Created Popular Songs Using Music Blocks in Fortnite

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ANIME FOOD vs REAL FOOD (why does anime food look so much better?)

Warning you will get very hungry like me by the end of this. Also happy Turkey Day ya'll.Free 14 day 1080p HD anime streaming trial here:Japanese or other languages FREE trial here:Send me stuff -Lost PausePO Box 4647Mission ViejoCa 92690My Merch: art courtesy of Rikadoh:Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:

Doctor Girl Best Moments | FamousTubeKIDS

This video is a compilation of all of our favourite Doctor Girl moments.Follow us on instagram: for daily videos!! ;)


HOW TO COOK AN AWESOME RIBEYE STEAK IN THE NINJA FOODIWe had been trying to experiment with the Ninja Foodi on cooking beef and of course the first recipe we wanted to share with you was cooking an awesome ribeye steak. Ribeye is the king of the steaks and we really wanted to see if the Ninja Foodi was able to cook a great steak to its maximum potential.After preheating for 5 minutes and cooking the steak for 10 minutes the results were AMAZING. The steak came out juicy and tender as butter. We cooked it as mid-rear and it was a HUGE success. Check it out and give this recipe a try I'm sure you'll love it!I truly hope you enjoy this video as much as we did. Like and subscribe for more!#ninjarecipes #ninjafoodi #pressurecooker #ninjafoodirecipes #ribeye #ribeyesteak #ribeyecook #bestribeye #cookingrecipies #pressurecookerreview #pressurecookerrecipes #ninjafoodicooking #cooking #pressurecooker #bestpressurecooker #easyrecipes #simplerecipes #funrecipes ----------------------------------------------- SUBSCRIBE: ----------------------------------------------- Facebook: Links:Ninja Foodi On Amazon:

Grocery Shopping + Breakfast with LuvaBELLA | Toys Academy

Ms K and LuvaBELLA went grocery shopping today since they run out of food (pretend play). They had fun in the grocery market buying all the foods they needed. They bought fruits, vegetables, cereals, milk, juice, eggs, stop, etc. Thank you all for watching!

Bushcraft breakfast campfire cooking bannock and beans heat reflector wild camping

check out my new bushcraft,wild camping and cooking outdoors videos Bushcraft cooking campfire cooking wild camping bannock bread Bushcraft breakfast Hi guys today i was out in the woods today cooking outdoorsmy bushcraft breakfast bannock bread i make my self a heat reflector and cook my bannock and beans food tastes better cookedon a open fire thanks for watching dont forget to subscribe for more videos thanks guys

【不良示範】連女生都不放過!! 用勒索來的錢買車😡😡 |人生遊戲 #10(END)

#不良少年🔷音效🔷Sound:On-Jin ~音人~魔王魂

COOKING MY FRIENDS?! | Cooking Simulator


Dota 2 WTF Moments - JoJo Compilation

Best Esport Bets on:2 fail/win compilationSubmit your clip / Manda tu video: Music:Music:Stand Proud / Eurobeat RemixTurboAutism's channel! awesome eurobeat remixes:swing moment:

食べ物で遊び始める天才料理人 #1 【Cooking Simulator】

天才シリーズ再びCooking Simulatorまとめ

Cooking by the book but every time Ziggy misbehaves he gets chucked into the blender

Ziggy is disobedient, unlike Stingy.

COFFEE SHOP SIMULATOR! Building a Coffee Shop Empire! - Beans Gameplay

Coffee shop simulator! We're building a coffee shop empire in this Beans: The Coffee Shop Simulator gameplay!Subscribe if you like!+ love management simulators, and I love coffee, so this one made total sense.Here we have a game called Beans, a Tycoon style of game all about running successful coffee shops, but with a very funny twist.Memes, jokes, puns, and other witty commentary is sprinkled all throughout the game, from the patrons that enter to purchase items to the appliances you can buy, to the actual drink and food creations themselves!You really need to sit down and read some of this stuff, it's hilarious.Also, if you weren't busy enough trying to keep things from falling apart, we've got Cluckr (Twitter basically) tweeting at us as we play!Follow me on Twitter! + me on Facebook! + The Coffee Shop Simulator on Steam! + More by GrayStillPlays:Colony Survival: Tank Simulator: Summer Car: Little Blacksmith Shop: Drive: Rigs: Epic Battle Simulator: Wars: Beans: The Coffee Shop SimulatorWe have worked tirelessly to create this Glib Activity Management Escapism: or G.A.M.E. for short. Quickly! Before your short finite existence on this small wet rock hurtling around the sun ends you can find new meaning for yourself by playing this G.A.M.E. Or at least have some fun for a while and chase away the specter of your own mortality with about five hours of "polished" simulation "fun".Live the Dream!Create your own coffee shop and grow it to a franchise! Will your brand sell overpriced fancy coffee in a luxurious shop or will you provide organic free-range donuts surrounded by comfy second-hand furniture? It’s all up to you! Customize and build your brand and take it all the way to the big leagues!Experiment and Unlock!Create and combine ingredients to find over 200 drink and food recipes that even the customers didn’t know they wanted. From something as simple as an espresso to taste bud abominations like the Bagelcino! It’s your imagination versus your patrons’ stomachs in a caffeine-fueled endurance match.Manage Like A Boss!Hire staff and train them to barista mastery. Create a motley crew of surfers, baristas, hipsters, and giant autonomous mechs to make your franchise dream come true!Thrill!Follow Ruby through a story of murder, betrayal, redemption, and well, coffee. Thrust into the spotlight you have been given the chance of a lifetime - prove yourself as an exceptional business mogul and win the inheritance of the Coffeebottom Estate. That is if you can survive the competition. *Cue Dramatic Music*Put Your Skills to the Test!Crazy events will require you to be ready to change up your gameplay on the fly. Did a tour bus full of seniors just park outside? Or did you decide to host local bands for a jam session? New customers are flooding in and the lines are long and customers are getting impatient and are out about to leave! Identify what the customers want and deliver it. Give your employees new orders, set out more chairs and tables, put more on your menu, and get those sweet sweet tips! That master's degree isn't going to pay for itself!----------------------------------End Card By Exandria: Music by Teknoaxe: everybody, I'm Gray!I love doing let's plays and tutorials of games, such as Happy Room, Conan Exiles, Raft, My Summer Car, Hello Neighbor, Brick Rigs, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, and BeamNG.Drive.I've got at least two new videos coming out every day focusing on gameplay, tutorials, tips and tricks, and bonus videos coming out of the newest Indie games as well.Thanks for checking me out!

Tyler, The Creator Wears Boxers In Late Night's Coldest Theater

'Flower Boy' rapper Tyler, the Creator greeted Stephen with a butt-grab and the rest is history.Subscribe To "The Late Show" Channel HERE: more content from "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert", click HERE: full episodes of "The Late Show" HERE: "The Late Show" on Facebook HERE: "The Late Show" on Twitter HERE: "The Late Show" on Google+ HERE: "The Late Show" on Instagram HERE: "The Late Show" on Tumblr HERE: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert weeknights at 11:35 PM ET/10:35 PM CT. Only on CBS.Get the CBS app for iPhone & iPad! Click HERE: new episodes of shows you love across devices the next day, stream live TV, and watch full seasons of CBS fan favorites anytime, anywhere with CBS All Access. Try it free! Late Show with Stephen Colbert is the premier late night talk show on CBS, airing at 11:35pm EST, streaming online via CBS All Access, and delivered to the International Space Station on a USB drive taped to a weather balloon. Every night, viewers can expect: Comedy, humor, funny moments, witty interviews, celebrities, famous people, movie stars, bits, humorous celebrities doing bits, funny celebs, big group photos of every star from Hollywood, even the reclusive ones, plus also jokes.

Top 10 Insanely Broken Anime Abilities

Some powers are just too strong. For this list we'll be looking at overpowered abilities from anime like Dragon Ball Super, Blood Blockade Battlefront (Kekkai Sensen), Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works, Fate/Zero, Hunter x Hunter, That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime (Tensura), JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Diamond is Unbreakable, A Certain Magical Index, Bleach, Black Clover, Medaka Box, and more. That means you can expect characters like Beerus, Aizen, Yoshikage Kira, Veronica, Leo, Gilgamesh, Archer, Rimuru Tempest, Alluka, Nanika, Toppo, Accelerator, Kumagawa, and many many more to appear along the way!Follow Ashley on Twitter: #DragonBall #Bleach#10. All-Seeing Eyes of God#9. Gate of Babylon#8. Wish-Granting#7. Predator#6. Hakai#5. Bites the Dust#4. Vector Manipulation#3. Red Thread of Fate#2. Complete Hypnosis#1. All FictionCheck our our other channels!Social Media PagesGet WatchMojo merchandise at shop.watchmojo.comWatchMojo’s ten thousand videos on Top 10 lists, Origins, Biographies, Tips, How To’s, Reviews, Commentary and more on Pop Culture, Celebrity, Movies, Music, TV, Film, Video Games, Politics, News, Comics, Superheroes. Your trusted authority on ranking Pop Culture.

One Piece Funny - Luffy and the Kung Fu Dugongs

Episode 96This part really cracked me up. :DI (unfortunately) don't own One Piece.


Hi everyone! I made a miniature real snacks. A sweet potatoes and a very refreshing drinks gumalan or gelatin. A simple yet very comforting snacks. Thank you so much for watching! Please support my channel by sharing my videos on Youtube and Facebook.Have a great day!!!SUBSCRIBE ► RECIPE ► HERE ► ME HERE:Facebook:

Casey Takes On A 17 Layer Katsu Burger! | Man v Food

Casey visits Katsu Burger in Seattle to try the "Mount Fuji" their mammoth 17 layer burger with a fillet of pork, beef & chicken covered in panko breadcrumbs and deep fried.Subscribe to Food Network UK for more great clips: Food Network UK on Facebook: Food Network UK on Twitter: Food Network UK on Instagram:Visit our website:

Kids Baking Championship Season 6 Episode 10

This video has been blocked in the USA, so if you need a VPN, here's a good free one that works with just about any platform


Maen game ini asli sambil dengerin lagunya sejenak jadi inget kiamat gitu, ayo guys segeralah kita bertobat :(Game Universe Sandbox 2 (Download for PC)Gagap temen gua ni subscribe ya :GAME INI :Subscribe Bro! Gratis Kok!GAME INI :GAME MOBAgua yang lainvideo vainglory guavideo tutorial edit foto di androidMedia :➞ Follow instagramFacebook#APOCALYPSE


This is the world's "EASYEST" game so how hard could it be?The answer: REALLY FRICKIN' HARD!!Subscribe Today! ► the Quiz ► Games Playlist ► Games Playlist ► my Instagram ► me on Twitter ► me on Facebook ► us on Reddit! ► Outro ► Outro ►

MIND BLOWING Hidden Rooms and Secret Furniture! Part 2

MIND BLOWING Hidden Rooms and Secret FurnitureSUBSCRIBE and become part of the AzzyLand family :D Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are looking at Mind Blowing Hidden Rooms and Secret Furniture. What would you guys do if you had a hidden room? SIMILAR VIDEOS ► ►MEDIA•Instagram: SONG:

The Try Guys Take A Friendship DNA Test

Which of The Try Guys are the most, and the least, compatible?Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo!MORE BUZZFEED:Motion Picture’s flagship channel. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, always shareable. New videos posted daily!MUSICSFX Provided By AudioBlocks(Your Trap_FullLicensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.Soul Daddy_MainLicensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.Ride Of The Valkyries_MainLicensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.Merry Go Round_MainLicensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.Get Up And Go_MainLicensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.Tippy Toes_MainLicensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.Jolly Shoppers_MainLicensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.Dodgey Geezer_MainLicensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.Do It Sneaky_MainLicensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.Mr Debonair_MainLicensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.Alone AgainLicensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.Our CountryLicensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.Merry MendelssohnLicensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.Hit Me TvLicensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.Rolling Hills_FullLicensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.Symphony No 1 JupiterLicensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.Gamblin Man_Full MixLicensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.Four Seasons Winter Mov1 Allegro Non MoltoLicensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.Four Seasons Spring Mov1 AllegroLicensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.Nutcracker Op71 No13 Waltz Of FlowersLicensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.Tonic PursuitLicensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.Bless My SoulLicensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.Fool Me Once_FullLicensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.Never Knew You At AllLicensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.ZodiactivateLicensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.VIDEOComputer animation of DNA Tech. White backgroundNA/Getty ImagesDNA String and Human BrainNA/Getty ImagesCreated by Wendy

[ ハイキュー!! ] 2nd Season ! || おかしな瞬間 #5 ~ HAIKYU!! best Funny ep5 || Semi-finals: Karasuno vs Aoba! HD

[ ハイキュー!! ] 2nd Season ! || おかしな瞬間 #5 ~ HAIKYU!! best Funny ep5 || Semi-finals: Karasuno vs Aoba Jousai.! HD.............................................................................................................▶ A.K.A. I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING IN THIS VIDEO! If you are the owner and want me to remove the video, I will do it immediately, just don't give me a copyright strike.Inspired after watching a volleyball ace nicknamed "Little Giant" in action, small-statured Shouyou Hinata revives the volleyball club at his middle school. The newly-formed team even makes it to a tournament; however, their first match turns out to be their last when they are brutally squashed by the "King of the Court," Tobio Kageyama. Hinata vows to surpass Kageyama, and so after graduating from middle school, he joins Karasuno High School's volleyball team—only to find that his sworn rival, Kageyama, is now his teammate..............................................................................................................#ハイキュー!! #HAIKYU!!

Shiraae (Mixed Tofu and Spring Vegetables) 白和え 作り方レシピ

Ingredients for Shiraae (serves 2)150g Firm or Soft Tofu (5.3 oz)½ tsp Dashi Soy Sauce or substitute: mentsuyu or soy sauce2 tbsp Toasted White Sesame Seeds½ tbsp Sugar¼ tsp Salt100g Nanohana also known as Broccolini or substitute: broccoli, snap bean pods or spinach (3.5 oz)20g Carrot (0.7 oz)30g Shimeji Mushrooms (1 oz)4 tbsp Water½ tsp Dashi Soy Sauce or substitute: mentsuyu or soy sauce白和え(2人分)木綿豆腐(絹でもOK):1/2丁(150g)出し醤油:小1/2(麺つゆ、醤油でも可)白ごま:大2砂糖:大1/2塩:小1/4菜の花:1/2束(100g)(ブロッコリー、スナップエンドウ、ほうれん草でも可)人参:20gしめじ:30g水:大4出し醤油(麺つゆ、醤油):小1/2

Yummy cooking Tong Yam shrimp recipe - Cooking skill

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Click "Show More" for the giveaway links, music used in the video, and to follow along on social media!Nate's Instagram: sponsored by:MZeroA Flight TrainingGet your free Book on the steps to becoming a pilot!ForeFlight My Favorite Aviation App for PilotsBOSE Aviation Best Headset for PilotsBanyan Pilot ShopMy favorite Pilot ShopA BIG thank you to all my Patrons. If you want to be part of the team and want to help support my videos Patreon is a great way! I thank you for any support. S1K GEAR! If you have a passion for aviation and want to support the channel get your Pilot Swag here. Also be sure to check out any current giveaways!follow me on:Instagram Land By:



Yung Buda - Autumn Ring Mini (Clipe Oficial)

SoundFoodGANG®Produzido por Yung Buda.Realização: Balcão FilmesDireção e Roteiro:Matheus NeryLucas AcherProdução:Mathias EichbaumRebeca BroncherAssistencia de produção:Julia PegadoDireção de Fotografia:Thiago CunhaAssistencia de Fotografia:Felipe SatoPesquisa de Projeção:Maria Fernanda SimonsenMatheus NeryMáquinario:Murilo PeningaProdução Executiva:Balcão FilmesAgradecimentos:Andrea CunhaAndre TashiroBruna ImamuraCarlos CunhaErico SanchesGeorgia MiessaIwan O. SilvaLucas CunhaMarisa PatricioStephanieRicciVinicius MaffeiProdutor executivo: Adalberto F. de Lima.Mixagem e Masterização: Ramiro Mart em Estúdio Setor.Social Yung Buda:Sound Food Gang:(11) 9 9915-2127

Amanda Cerny Vine compilation - Funny Amanda Cerny Vines & Instagram Videos - Best Viners

BEST of Amanda Cerny Instagram Vines 2018 - 2017 w/ Titles Best Viners playlist ►►►►for more Vine compilation ►

10 Things You Must Know About Needle Felt

Buy Bunny Kit from Daiso or Something Kawaii! to my second channel! video features all the questions that I get asked fairly often in the comments section. So I hope it will be useful for everyone just starting out with needle felting. If you have any other questions then feel free to ask them here (please check that your Google+ settings are enabled so "EVERYONE can reply to your comments". I get so many questions from people which I can't reply to because of their own G+ settings ;_;)FELTING SUPPLIESMelamine Foam: Daiso Kit: Based Shop - Kong Based Shop - Homepage ♥ Etsy Shop ♥ Instagram ♥ Facebook ♥ Twitter ♥ Tumblr ♥ Sony A6000Software: iMovie 10.0.1Music: Courtesy of Audio Network*Contains affiliate links

Chocolate Cake with Italian Meringue (Marshmallow Frosting)

My recipe for a chocolate snowball of happiness. Thanks to Squarespace for sponsoring this video! Go to for a free trial, and when you’re ready to launch, go to and add code “RAGUSEA" at checkout to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain.For the cake:1 cup milk1.5 cups cocoa powder1 chocolate bar (whatever kind you like)1.5 cups sugar + a dab of molasses (or the same quantity of brown sugar)1 cup vegetable oil8 oz sour cream4 eggs1 teaspoon vanilla1 cup flour1/2 teaspoon baking soda1/2 teaspoon baking powder1/2 teaspoon saltFor the frosting:4 egg whites1/2 teaspoon cream of tartar1/2 teaspoon cornstarch1 cup sugar1/2 cup waterSqueeze of corn syrup (if you have it)For the cake batter, bring the milk to a boil in a large saucepan. Take it off the heat, whisk in the cocoa powder, and allow the pan to cool a bit. While you're waiting, cut up the chocolate bar into small pieces.Into the pan, put the sugar and molasses (or brown sugar), oil, sour cream and vanilla. Then crack in the eggs, and whisk to combine. Don't worry if it's not completely smooth. Whisk in the flour, baking soda, baking powder and salt. Pour the batter into two greased 9 or 10-inch cake pans, ideally lined with parchment rounds, and bake at 350 F until a toothpick comes out clean or the internal temperature reads 205-210 F. That takes me about 40 minutes. Let them cool thoroughly before taking them out of their pans.For the frosting, separate out four egg whites. Put in the corn starch and cream of tartar, and beat until you get soft peaks. In a small sauce pan, mix the water, sugar and corn syrup together and bring to a boil on high heat. When the syrup reaches 240-245 F, drizzle it into the egg whites while beating. Continue to beat until the meringue doesn't seem to be taking on any more volume, 3-4 minutes. Let the meringue cool a few minutes (but no more) before frosting the cake. Top with sprinkles, if you're into that.MY COOKING PHILOSOPHY: I don't like weighing or measuring things if I don't have to, and I don't like to be constantly checking a recipe as I cook. I don't care that volume is a bad way of measuring things — it's usually easier. I like for a recipe to get me in the ballpark, and then I like to eyeball and improvise the rest. If you're like me, my goal with these videos is to give you a sense of how the food should look and feel as you're cooking it, rather than give you a refined formula to reproduce.

Weber Genesis II LX - Grillvorstellung - Die Neuerungen beim Gasgrill --

In diesem Video zeigt Euch Bart von Weber den neuen Weber Genesis II LX und was sich geändert hat. Weitere Rezepte findet Ihr wie immer Textlich mit vielen Bildern auf meinem Blog: www.tobiasgrillt.deDort gibt es nicht nur Rezepte, sondern auch Tipps und Tricks, Produktvorstellungen und sogar Interviews rund um das Thema Grillen/BBQ.iGrill 2: Rapidfire: GBS Kugelgrill: Genesis II LX E-440 GBS :Messer sind von: auf Facebook: und Google+: mir auch auf Twitter: Instagram: den Kauf über den Amazon-Link unterstützt Ihr meinen Kanal, ohne dass euch dafür Mehrkosten entstehen (Affiliate Link). Bei den Produkten handelt sich meist um Vorschläge meinerseits. Ob Ihr diese dann auch wirklich kauft, bleibt ganz allein Euch überlassen.Um beim nächsten Einkauf über meinen Kanal zu unterstützen, müsst Ihr einfach diesem Link folgen: Euch!

124】How to make Anime Figure┃Food Fantasy Matcha Rice【Clay Tutorial┃Lovely4u】

Material: Air dry clayPaint: Acrylic paintCharacter: Food Fantasy Matcha RiceTheme: How to make chibi cute anime figure using clay(polymer clay, air dry clay, cold porcelain, silk clay, light air dry clay, superlight air dry clay, play-doh, play dough)If you want to support us, you can join our membership here:recent video:we recommend★★★:9】How to make anime figure/ Yunniho【Air Dry Clay Tutorial/ DIY/Lovely4u】to make anime figure/Yoaihime【Clay Tutorial/ DIY/Lovely4u】Dry Clay Introduction & Comparison【lovely4u】to draw a cute face【Clay Tutorial/ Anime Figure/ DIY/Lovely4u】Figure Collection 2018┃80+Clay Figures Exhibition【Lovely4u】will be the best support for us★★★Your Subscription means pretty much to us! This will support us to make more and better contents for you here!Thank you so much! :3Next Goal: Events(Figures Adoption when reaching 175k)〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓★★★Our sites★★★Website: tutorials store: Etsy: Asked Q&A★★★We use light air dry clay most. Sometimes we use resin clay and polymer clay too. All clay types are very good and can make beautiful figures. The skills matters. So keep practicing and never give up, you'll finally make it! We used our own requested factory to make ones. You could try:1.Loveclay(Hobbyclay) from Korean2. Search top ranked ones on Aliexpress3.Search silk clay on Amazon4.Our clay on our official website: Brush we use: size 000 for most of the conditions, size 00000 for super small details.Paints we use: Acrylic paint.For Blush we use : Soft Pastels or real woman cosmetic blushesGlue: White Glue(Shool Glue)The wire we use: gauge 18Different Clay even the similar type may have very HUGE different feelings while using. Bad clay can't shape SHARP pieces without losing details after dried.The best clay is the one fits you best.1. Always clean your hands, your cutting board, and everything that will contact your clay(roller, presser). Also, you can prepare some white clay "especially for "washing" your hands by your side.2. "wash" your hands using white clay whenever you want to switch colors.3. please always wait until your clay is fully dried to paint the face. It takes at least 1-2 days based on the humidity of your can always wait for all parts fully dried to attach them. basically, this is better since if it's not fully dried you'll easy to destroy their shape. After fully dried, use white glue is good enough to attach them.5. Always knead your clay thoroughly before you work with it in case it has bubbles inside which will lead to the uneven surface.6. practice makes perfect. please keep your passion.Above information are really useful, please do read and remember.〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓★★★You can buy materials here★★★For USA: UK:

Sukiyaki (Homemade Tofu)

Squarespace (10% discount): website: I use on my channel that you can buy online (Amazon affiliates links) ―Knife―Chef Knife: Sekimagoroku Gyuto(Stone―KING Japanese Sharpening Stone 1000/6000 (GH5 (LUMIX G LEICA (Channel: (インスタ): by Epidemic Sound (2-3)-Tofu-300g soybean2800ml soft water*15 -20ml nigari (or lemon juice) + 50ml water*** If you're not sure if your tap water is hard or soft, you can just use distilled water. It might be a bit overkill but it's probably easier than searching specifically for soft water.** Add more nigari or lemon juice if necessary-Sukiyaki Sauce-100ml sake100ml mirin100ml soy sauce30g granulated sugar-Vegetables-You can use any vegetables you like. Here'are the ones I used this timegreen onionChinese cabbageshiitake mushroomcarrotthread konjacvery thin, marbled beef slicesINSTRUCTIONS-Tofu-1. Soak the soybeans in water(1200ml). The soaking time depends on the water temperature. Summer: 25°C/77°F 10 hoursSpring, Autumn: 15°C/59°F 20 hoursWinter: 5°C/41°F 30 hours2. Blend the soybeans and water in a mixer to make namago. (Namago is the Japanese word for that specific blended mixture of soybeans and water).3. Boil 1600ml water in a large pan or pot and add the namago and stir for about 10 minutes. Make sure not to burn the namago at the bottom of the pan.4. Turn off the heat and strain the namago with a filter cloth to get soy milk. The leftover is called okara and it's very healthy. I normally use it for making cookies. 5. Mix 20ml nigari (or lemon juice) and 50ml water together to make the coagulant for the soy milk.("Your coagulant is a substance that will curdle the soy milk. You can use acid, like lemon juice or vinegar, or salt. Nigari, which is magnesium chloride, is popular in Japan, and calcium chloride is popular in North America."-huffingtonpost)6. Heat up the soy milk and keep the temperature at 75°C. Add the nigari-water and stir gently. Do NOT mix too much.Turn off the heat and leave it for about 10 minutes.7. While resting the soy milk, prepare a container for shaping the tofu. You can make holes in the bottom of a paper drink carton or tupperware, or you can just use your filter cloth and tie it up tighly to shapen the tofu as well.-Sukiyaki Sauce-1. Add 100ml sake and 100ml mirin in a pot and boil it.2. Add the sugar and soy sauce, and let the sugar melt.-Sukiyaki-1. Melt the beef fat* (or just some slices of fatty beef) and cook the green onion (if you have it) in the sukiyaki pot to add flavor to the sauce. Green onion tastes so much sweeter and more flavorful when you fry it first. 2. Add the sauce and heat it up. Then add tofu, konjac, mushrooms, and anything that takes longer to cook than your other vegetables.3. Finally, place everything else.Sukiyaki is a shared Japanese dish where everyone ladles out some of the broth and food into their own bowls. Traditionally, sukiyaki is eaten with a raw beaten egg added to your own bowl, but that might be difficult for you depending on how safe raw eggs are considered where you live. I normally don't eat it with egg so I can enjoy the flavor of beef and vegetables, but if you get a chance to eat sukiyaki, please give it a try!*In Japan when you buy beef there is usually a bucket nearby where you can also take a cube of beef fat free of charge. If you want you can buy this separately, or you can use beef that has fat on it as well.

pink asmr copying sas asmr for 9 minutes straight part 2

5 BIG Waves You Wouldn't Believe if not on video

► Subscribe to our new channel! sure is amazing! Today's video is on the top five biggest waves - all of them captured on video. Several segments are licensed under Creative Commons (CC)Asteroid Impact Simulations (CC), Patrick Bradley (CC)The Top Fives channel brings you informational and entertaining top five videos from around the world. Join us and subscribe for more.Follow us on Facebook!The videos featured on the Top Fives channel are for educational and informational purposes. If you have a good idea for a video, leave us a comment! We try to read each and every comment made.

This is what happens when you reply to spam email | James Veitch

Suspicious emails: unclaimed insurance bonds, diamond-encrusted safe deposit boxes, close friends marooned in a foreign country. They pop up in our inboxes, and standard procedure is to delete on sight. But what happens when you reply? Follow along as writer and comedian James Veitch narrates a hilarious, months-long exchange with a spammer who offered to cut him in on a hot deal.Get TED Talks recommended just for you! Learn more at TED Talks channel features the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design -- plus science, business, global issues, the arts and more.Follow TED on Twitter: TED on Facebook: to our channel:


Em mais um Felipe Neto Joga, Felipe joga Traffic Run!THE FINAL LEVEL SHOW EP. FINAL -


NEW BISS MERCH 👉INSTA & Snap 👉 MISSMANGOBUTTStephiance's INSTA 👉 MISTERMANGOBUTTMukbang Main Channel 👉 BOX:Stephanie Soo 9190 W Olympic Blvd. #127Beverly Hills, CA 90212PHO RECIPE! This is one of those recipes that I felt was better to eyeball depending on how long you boiled, the time of oxtail bones, etc that you decide to get so here's my eyeballed version (SO PROFESSIONAL STEPHANIE SOO) PHO INGREDIENTS (8 Servings)1. 3 pounds of Oxtail Bones2. 32 cups of Water3. 1 entire Onion (peeled)4. 4 inch slice of Ginger peeled5. 5 Star Anise 👉 Fish Sauce 👉 Pho Seasoning Cubes 👉 Salt and Pepper To Taste9. Cinnamon (Optional but my sister doesn't like the taste of cinnamon!)TOPPINGS:1. Thinly sliced onions2. Raw or steamed bean sprouts3. Limes4. Thinly sliced Jalapenos5. Mint leaves6. Thai basil leaves7. Cilantro8. Hoisin Sauce👉9. Sriracha to taste👉 10. You can top your bowl with extra fish sauce if you were making the broth itself a little more palatable for people who don't enjoy fish sauce! I like to add extra to mine because a biss is fishySTEPS:1. Rinse the oxtail bones in cold water and let it soak in cold water for about 30 minutes to take out the dirt and blood inside the bones2. Boil the oxtail bones in water to take out any extra dirt3. Rinse the bones once more and place into a giant stock pot with 32 cups of water4. Into the pot add an entire onion (peeled), the piece of ginger, and the star anise5. Boil for about 2 hours and taste (add salt and pepper at this time)6. Boil for another 1.5 hours and then open the lid to add a few pho cubes (I use less than the recommended amount), salt, and fish sauce7. During the boiling time (there shouldn't be) but if there is any dirt or foam at the top of the pot take it out8. Prep all the toppings by rinsing and slicing9. Cook the rice noodles in a separate pot (or if you're doing a few servings take some pho broth out into a separate container according to how hungry) THIS IS CONFUSING. JUST DON'T LOSE YOUR NOODLES IN THE GIANT POT OF BROTH 10. Top with toppings and enjoy! * I do make a small commission if you decide to purchase using my amazon links; however the price will remain the same for you! BUT I do highly recommend trying to visit an Asian market near you for better pricing! #pho#phorecipe#phocooking#authenticpho#phonoodles