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Undead Slayer

She's filipina

Bake Place

Cody put the ping pong ball under the pillow lol

Najib Ali

Do a mukbang

Jordan Shebertes

for some strange reason i teared up at the end of the vid

Its Husky

Vlog edition


Hey Cody do you member you were there he said finish doing your brackets and you said I only have one minute you meant one second

*Clicks video *

sini ster

You made your audience watch 14 minutes and 5 ads to see how many seconds of her. Fuck you. Why is there another 3 minutes no one gives a fuck about you they only clicked on the video because they recognize the actress on it. Fuck off.



Are you the gate keeper I’m the key master lol


Great vid, Thanks guru

Kitty Lexie 35

Ty sucks but the honey badger😂


Do you really think that someone would say “oooooh ugly” like? I feel like she overestimated what they said

Nico Labasan

You should BroMo Justin Bieber...😂

Nicholas Lamm

guru, can you do any easter eggs on doctor who.

Michael Sychev

elsa dark pheonix

Kolton Lindstrom

1:Fancy, 2: you remind me 3:twerk

Gyro king

My top 5

Golden Paws

I bet you there gonna get 10000000,000000000,000000 subs in 5 days after this video

Romain De Gliniasty

It's a really good video 👍🏼 congrats


Can we get a dude pufrect want meme lol


But there's Evil Within, too. .....-----------___________------------

Kevin Mcgaha

Dude perfectknows me give me 8,000 likes

Soum Ayyah

Thank you for these videos. Very inspiring. Never stop please 😭❤

Alex Mackiewicz

XDDDEvery video..amazing

Matt Scagnelli

They seriously killed a tree just for a video! R.I.P tree

panchi shah

God... You guys know how to make me cry... Love u guys...

Hamad Goes Boom

Rage monster ruins everything just imagine cleaning that up

Diego GH

Dios aprieta... pero no existe

pancake fox

accidentaly spills coffee on him lol

Amirah M.

they should be in the NBA

Marla Moser

Love ya, Gar

Tom Schoettle

did tey Editor tis

Anita Winn


Ruqayah Abdus-Samee

I have never been fishing b4😯😯

kepalaketuk random

But my will beat me