Cooking Steak in Air Fryer

I cooked my steak in my air fryer this evening.I seasoned it well and put it and cooked it.I think it was about 12 minutes total to cook it.It was so tender.It.cooked up just like what you get at a fine restaurant.


Sometimes I forget that I'm not exactly in this movies target audience based on my age but I'M SUPER EXCITED!!!!!

Mallory Funkhouser

They are good at everything....But soccer


God DAMN IT ! The last one is so terrifying ! Well made Guru !

mercedes stephen

Tyler: Am I gonna die?😰🥺🥺🥺 LoL 🤣



Cod: Suh Dude

Jman Playz

Steak Escape

She stopped, and not long after my dad proposed. 😊

Matthew Ellis 77


Bayron Ruiz

I saw axl

eva j

Does anyone know where the police is


Ok who is hat panda and i didn't see tyler use his wepon

The SoccerDog19

Germany will win the World Cup

Me: No

Replace the word nude and put Chocolate

Aerocraft 9815

krabby patty!!!

Moritz Döring

Please make a Mountainbike challenge next!!🚴‍♂️👌🏼

Quintin Zamuco

Hey dont hurt panda 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Toby Wang

Mom no drinking in this house starts smoking and turns abusive

Adam Sydina

dude perfect the best

Kiedy wychodziłam, pożegnałam się Mattem, który wydawał się być zły. Wydaje mi się, że naprawdę go to zmartwiło, bo następnego dnia zerwał ze mną i zaczął spotykać się z kimś innym.

John Gills

hey dude with the notched pickaxe you can just swing at ores to collect them Pe teacher: *triggered*

Annonymous Hoodie

1730 anyone?


Expected DickButt = Was not disappointed. Thank you for discovering that meme, Guru. Cured my cancer.

Khari Broodie

Hello 😋😄😄😄🤣😘🥳😒😟😔😄


Until Dead Island Riptide is out I will probably be uploading a bit more than usual as there are some games I need to do videos of that I was meant to a while ago (MGS4, Super Smash Bros Brawl etc.). I hope you guys enjoy this one. Thanks for Watching.

Logan 96

Dude perfect is the best who agrees with me

Luke Boisvert

Stand steak and cheese

Jordan Painter

Stop getting basketball players! There all signed to Nike and just buy shit they get for free . Not interesting

Happy Bunny

I went on vacation, and after breakfast with my family I would immediately leave while they would sit there and talk. I didn’t want to be on an elevator with a stranger so I would walk down six flights of stairs to get to my room.


good to see my boys in this video!

Ryan Langston

Like whoa

Carter Wop

I love this lady, she’s so beautiful and down to earth to me

Moe Hamood


Joshsamuel Magno

That dude is a pervert

Nacho Dragneel

Isn’t leaving the effects of when a person get scared?


me: * reads title *


3:08 RIP yoga


omg the avatar soundtrack <3

angela peace

I thought they said $500 and below? Did i missed something? Was I wrong? Damnn that’s like my whole damn salary for a yr.

Paola G

We've surpassed 3 million views in less than 48 hours! Atiny, I am so proud! <3

Ajay Kumar

Always Tyler won

Abigail Salyer

This is my favorite song!!!

VS Wolfz

I would use a hockey stick for putting who else would

T Casso

Waianae boy, let the marathon continue


@johnfun10LMFAO same here.

Jude Lovic

They should do trick shots with trick Shot Titus

Bagus Faris




J Steeler

how has no one said bear grylls

General r3tard

At least it wasn't a plane! Ha ha ha!

Sophia Marotta

Why did I think that this was gonna be a song about TMJ lmao


This isnt even a minute vid is 8 mins ;-;



Don't play yourself guru play these games

Princess Stewart

You shouldn't have been with him in the first place and should have told your parents or a teacher. And don't skip school!