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TIEBLOE Paalupaikka

I remember playing halo 3 with my friends, we were playing on sandtrap and i drove the elephant up the wall. I told all my buddies to shut up and i showed them the message we all laughed because none of us thought it was possible


4:54 he miss all the shots

Qűęęń ÐMÇ

I'm just now watching this.

theyoungboy people

I fell super duper sorry for Aron Rodgers. This is going to be a bad year for the Packers

Vishva Bhatt

It's such mind blowing concept.

auto jumper


Black Mumba28

Must be Something wrong with me I don’t get dizzy after 15 spins


I wish it was Halo 3. The best game in the galaxy.


Why didn't the WoW guys just stop the Overwatch team and helped them make an actual decent easter eggs. There is literally hundreds of other things they could have done, but they didn't.


you see 12 year old girls act 21, and 21 year old guys act 12

Arthur Bruntato

Now in 2017


I'm glad Otis didn't die as a zombie

Demetrius Thompson

I like how he didn't change the meat in the burrito

Cassius Hill

Why was the strawberry always late? He was in a traffic jam

GhoztReaper_ 8

You guys are sooo good

illMixzT YT

Did you guys know LEGO break your record by 1117 ft

Softoh Vaqot

Ada yg tau kenapa terjemahannya pake bahasa Indo??? Yg tau bisa tolong jawabkan kebimbangan ini..

Jenna Schroeder

This where they got some great ideas for DPHQ2?

Shannon Waylock

Make a camping stereotypes.

Pale Rose

This is how my friends look at Leo’s