Diana and Funny Stories about toys

Diana and Roma pretend to play with toys. Funny stories for kids.Diana's INSTAGRAM to Kids Diana Show - и веселые истории про #игрушки

I cried when the drawing of her holding her

josemanuel rojo garcia

How they do that?


FunWithGuru and the Rat...

Dylan Southwick

He kinda seems like a hippie more athletic Paul Rudd

Cris ann Samputon



The MW3 one was really sad. I remember playing that game and the gas outbreak. It was so sad.


Bruce Lee vs Jet Li

Brianna’s Life

And I oop-

Chad Hosoda


Bryan Jones

Hey dude perfect make a tv show called dude perfect

Song Covers

Sis oh heck no. GOLF SIZE BLOOD CLOTS. No no no boo


Obviously the money should be taken from the filthy rich.

Lucas Snowball_Cathug

Can someone explain why there are so many hanging bodies?! And I am watching this at night, in the basement, NOT A GREAT IDEA

karanveer singh dhillon

watching u guys having fun i feel very happy nd want to join you

Blue Pop

Hello I'm early


HOLY SHIT! Guru has a fan in the assassins dev team o.0 @ 2:16 guru shows where he is on a map, but within the area his in the buildings in the bit left corner of the screen form the word GURU! TELL ME IM NOT THE ONLY ONE THAT SEES THAT!


@MrDubstep104 that's cause the video is a fake!


She didn’t even know u didn’t really help him cheat it took time to realize plus she didn’t want to believe it because they where best friends for so long.

80sriver Haim

7:05 I might have died a little bit ngl


If you a a perv then like this comment


That was trippy


Spice Dice

I feel your pain because this is similar to my experience with my period but I'm younger than must people I'm 11 in 8 months until I'm 12 and 4 months until I'm in highschool. I wish I could use birth control pills but my mum isn't letting me get them because she thinks I'm too young.

Scott labelle

dude the golden idol is a real artifact not just made up for the movie same with the ark

Paolo wolfart

That thumbnail got you 1.5M views.


go coby go coby

khup tuang


Mui Goku

I am such a big fan of jk Rowling


Add an indoor swimming pool


I hope that hyrule is rebuilt, would love to walk through the central hyrule village

XxCutzco79 Xx

Coby has 1%



lol the last one refer to world order - have a nice day :)

Iliana Ralph

i love this but i found a mistake the ribbon parts of her dress seen in blowing in the wind in the first part are gone when she runs into the water or are they just separate scenes? please answer, i am confusion

Gabe LaMonica

My dad went to Zambia Africa to help the poor to

Sam D-B

WTF, episode 69 and i'm the 91,969th viewer ._.

Kieran Lancaster

We all know why we're here.

Captain Chicken

Why not the Lassie reference from Fallout:New Vegas, when before you switch Rex's brain, talk to Rex and he will howl, then he will bark when you pick: Jimmy Fell down a well?'' Then a marker will be added to your pip boy. When you arrive to ''Jimmy's well '' go inside, then the skeleton of a boy will be next to a BB gun and a cowboy hat, and a mole rat.