Diana and Roma play with a Dog and older sister

Diana and Roma are left with their older sister Maggie. Children play with a dog and toys. Maggie looks after the children.Diana's INSTAGRAM to Kids Diana Show -

oh yeah oof

The song was Mario I think

Shreya Gin

I am sorry for this girl, I hate period.

Snoeksie Spin

You guys should play NHL19 or MLB19

Nilanjan Choudhury

Inga is back🥰😍

אני המלך

Ps pluse


we ve been gettin a lot of comments tellin us were better then these guys. please tell us what you think about our volume 3. thanks

Zachary Phillips

If they can make RDR2 on current gen, do we really need a new gen? Let devs learn how to optimize the current gen.

naaish ahmed


My school: BOYS get chased by girls while me reading a book in recess and talk to my guy friend about anime so yeaaa

Edward Davis

I wish I could be in of your videos

q̟u̟e̟e̟n̟ l̟i̟l̟a̟

Now am I fat I am 9 and I am 90 pond I feel like I need to lose some weight


purple hoser all the way

Golden Dargy Animations

How did the mom take her daughter back when she was in foster care. Ilegal.... how were the police not called


i think that my favourite dunk is the signature dunk

blactrigga boi

The siren better be able to flip you off with all the hands and then destroy EVERYONE


U already broke the record why did u do this during the world record edition

ashour mekhaeel

Can I have money


Maybe there hidden really secretly?

Gacha Error 404

Someone touches me;




actually, a113 is in the star constellation above the trailer that randall gets stranded in

Katerina Zori

How much practice does it want???

WShP LemonSlices10

The good old days when it wasn’t rigged for ty to wim


C.H.A.D Bravo

All that plastic surgery she is beginning to look like Micheal Jackson. Shes currently at the Janet Jackson levels lol

American Capsicum Broadburst


Sxbi YT

Real story :

Kyle Swartz

Cody “you can not make this stuff up” Jones

Elevated Gaming

Bolts missing flyer was there too

Grace Manolis

You can go to hell. You’re a terrible person. I’m NOT sorry for this.

toxic XDツ


Oh no I’m being deported! How could the US deport us after we broke into the country ILLEGALLY instead of coming legally.

Math Trooper

Young people still get Cancer or Tumor

Palvi Mohanty

Stop wining ty😡

ALL IN ONE !!!!!

Next sport should be hockey


Who's Watching 2018 Please Leave A LIKE!😃💪👍


Ahhh shit, here we go again..

Syed Muhammad Hussain Jafri

Yeah I'm watching in 2018

water_wolf 247

I was bullied for not liking people

Boossttiiw QDEL

dead silence its my nightmare movie

Miss JayyGee

Love thiiiis. And the Julien style ootd video shots😂😍🤩


Nate, u sure love that trolley don't you