Did You Skip Leg Day?

Thank you guys so much for watching lets please get this video up to 50K and I will do you even lift part 3 :)Previous Prank: to me on IG:

Anonymous 04

I have lots of acnes of course I always compare myself to other and when I’m talking to someone of course I hate it when I make eyes contact but they look at my acnes instead..

Cody Burke

Pooler GTX, in Georgia which is ran by the Georgia Theatre Company, have automatic reclining chairs.I went to see Avengers Endgame there


Dude perfect+Mia khalifa new film

Me: Yep quality content

Shyguy Berriot

Great list!


Just imagine P.S. That old hag wasn't worth your time!

Juanis Castillo

I have anxiety too...

Daniel Young

Table tennis

TPB 249

Who's watching in 2016

Hamza Chaudhry

Still waiting for the Spider-Verse theories...

Joseph Murphy

Rematch please.👍💪


Near the end, when Deadpool's costume turns grey due to an explosion, that's a reference to his X-Force costume. ”then how— wtf—“ whatever that is hes fkn face..........

Christian Garcia

Out with another great video! Guru never fails to deliver!

Anthony Mwasaru

I subscribed!!!

Hunter Jack

blow up some dry ice,

Sam Power

JK Rowling vs Rick Riordan.

soorya harikumar

You should also have a swimming pool

Survived. I love both of them. Even though my cousin is

Teddy B.

Me: Ow, I have a headache.

Sam Torres


Mushroom Head

I nearly shit myself when that loud cheering started during the Thunderball scene.

Emzy Playz

Your life isn’t over a new life is just starting ❤️

Justin Carter

Next time you should do bananas


Hey guys break aknee

Spider-Man and Stranger Things MEGA FAN

when i was 3 i thought love was disgusting and if a boy hugged me i would slap them

Lusan La

I only had bad teachers. But 3 of them were the worst. Out of 30 students in a class, they would always pick on me, humiliate me and yell at me. Now two of them later left my school (thank god). The one teacher stayed for 2 years and then left school temporarily because she was pregnant. Came back and really tried to be that "encouraging" teacher. She just looked dumb. I won't forget that she made the students joking about my death, while I was sick in the hospital.

Beep Beep Lettuce


Shin Gojira

first video of 2016

Mashudu Kgaphola

Team shater train

The drawing club -_-

is he asian??????

Latoya Haynes

Why every time I watch Calebcity, I'm thinking of Kadeem Hardison from a Different World!

My parents I’m just gonna leave the house

Frickin Chicken

Congrats Ty!

Jesse Gaming

I did not see you pay for that pizza and did you say that super bowl cake was 1,000$ bro

Facts don’t care about your feelings What if I'm a psychopath? Nah, I'm probably the most empathetic person on earth.


2009:no2019:youtube recommended this video for youlike

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Woah well this video is doing bitss #43 trending, 343k likes and 8 million+ views!! Entertaining though and creativee🤪😁


2:09 how did she get home she rode with him

Pavel Gubanov

баскетболисты чертовы...

Eli Holzman


Pilly Willy

sick music

Leo Garza

Im in tx so im good