DIY Needlefelt Poodle - Collaboration with Cooking With Dog!

Cooking With Dog: so excited to announce a collaboration with the amazing Youtube channel Cooking With Dog!! I helped update the branding and create some vector illustrations of Francis. After completing the artwork, I thought it would make a very cute needlefelt piece as well. This tutorial shows you how to make a 3D piece based on a drawing. It always helps to start with a "turnaround" showing the character from all three sides. Once you start making the actual pieces, you simply need to keep comparing it with the drawing and aim to keep the shapes looking the same from all angles.Difficulty: ADVANCEDShort fiber felting wool: needles & mat: (choose 8mm x 7mm)Eyes: (choose 4mm)Bracelet: Tiny Raspberry Macaron Polish: The Hungry Asian - Strawberry and GOSH GoldFOLLOW ME HERE!♥ Instagram ♥ Etsy Shop ♥ Facebook ♥ Twitter ♥ Tumblr ♥ You may notice that halfway in the video I have a plaster on my right hand. I didn't hurt myself with the needle, but actually cut my finger in the keyhole when going to get glue for the eyes, and was reaching for the light switch in a dark room (you can't make this up). So this was my first crafting injury since starting the channel XD.Camera: JVC EverioSoftware: iMovie 10.0.1Sound: ASMR / Music courtesy of Audio Network

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7 minutes video, 2 days to clip and 3 weeks editing

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