Dominicans Try Colombian Food

In honor of Colombian Independence Day we tried Bandeja Paisa for the 1st time, and all we can say is "mmmmmmmm!"Credits: MORE BUZZFEED:LikePero, like… You know what we mean. Weekly videos de tu vida.Meet the Team:Claudia Restrepo Velasquez De Orbe Murillo Julissa Calderon via Audio NetworkAl AzareLicensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.STILLSClose-Up Of Avocado Against White BackgroundRichard Coombs/Getty ImagesFlag of Colombiaenigma_images/Getty ImagesEXTERNAL CREDITSLa Fonda Antioquena

Your wife works for the government. Even if I'm wrong, I know her job is more meaningful than being a youtuber.

Riya and Chesda

Why no people are talking about that guy in the wheelchair?

Warped Perception

♥️ OMG CONGRATULATIONS !! ♥️ To both of you, Get Ready, your whole view on life is about to change!. Priorities..shifted.., Seems like just last week that you announced it. God Bless

Elias Leonhardt

Who watch this 2019


Treasure Takara

Old drake vibes and Chris brown vibes = the ultimate vibe

ThunderClan Cats

Well I'm not lesbian, or gay, or bisexual ,because I'm a Christian... but I respect the love others have even tho I'm not lesbian and stuff we are here on earth to be happy so Be happy ! And I'm sorry for those who can't be thereselves...

David Fontes

no steam, no buy

N xx

Now i want a dog even more


Easter egg -_-

Sky hawk 6969


Haddon Schroeder

i think panda is a whistle sports guy.


Its hiro!!!!!

Kiwi, is tired of yee.

If I see any comments talking about how they think she’s “overreacting”, that

GenGamerGirl LOL

DpEditors for the win!🤣🤣🤣

Maria Sonrisa

11:52 hahah, loved it! :D


You’ve all been lied to about everything Research “200 proofs” also Fluoride is a poison but everyone thinks it’s good for them, it’s actually a mining waste. 👇👇🏻👇🏼👇🏽👇🏾👇🏿

Kyle Kerner

What do you use to record your vids I'm going to start making some and I need some recommendations

Abdo Sleiman

Why did youtube recommanded this now ! After 10 years

David Dacus

I like this because it’s giving these voice actors a platform to speak on their work and attention

Maria Lazaro


Fatimah Khan

Bullying is the biggest problem... literally everywhere in the world.

nothsa inman

Why is everyone's comment have [Jaiden: (blank)] or something along those lines 😂. It's funny so idc

Dallas Cowboys

I like Prescott

Jim Yarwood

They should do a draw my life like if you agree

A Person

Pfff why do so many people think God is real?

Helio Fernandes

Go to 50 000 000 suscribers

piyush misra

please make a video on Hot WHEELS CAR

Chris Pred

Skirt skrt

Oxi Clean

I’m no expert but I thought it was Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone


Anyone clicked on this because of the TF2 Spy?

Omar Fouda

المتابع من مصر ممكن تضع ترجمة أسفل الفيديو 👍🇪🇬🇪🇬👍

Riley Barton


Solenn Bacusmo

Yayayayayayyayayaya pubg mobile

Intellectual Wealth

How Democracy came into being the first time? I mean what was before that which turned into Democracy and how that happened? i.e. Through revolution, uprising or what?

Isaiah Durant

wedding stereotypes .cake theives


Ana_mea 1234

I like the bucket shot

Spice Boy

DJ KHALED! XD beat 2:03

Gehna Malvi

U are so cute Kylie

Engji Hoti

Is it a girl or a boy

cricket fight & comedy




Ramses Ruiz


Synapsenspalter Der Dritte

Cocaine is hell of a drug

Darren Fuentes

Dragonball Z fans : can you just make the fun budokai games like the good old days


screw tyler

Athena Cajeta

Me to I live in the Philippines in Ozamiz, Mindanao

Joseph Kelley

Tony and Cowboy'd make a great movie team.

Ashton Thoms

Do Easter eggs of the walking dead


First the girl daydreams at work, and spills wine on a person. Hmm, okay, that’s reasonable. Then she gets angry and steals a bottle of a wine before passing out drunk on a strangers car. Uh... starting to get a little obnoxious. Then a person takes care of her, and she accused him of molestation and forces him to go to the hospital to be sure. Yeah, this woman is a brat.

M Zivanovic

Hahaha you are all awesome

Kanako Goedde



the chandelier sound, fuck i thought I was crazy lol