Dumb Scammer Has 1000 Rainbow Crystal (Scammer Gets Scammed) Fortnite Save The World

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Austin Shaffer

Lol love the Logic reference. Clever.

jacob rodrigues

in lost the balloon crashed rendering in unflyable

Lil ivy msp


Donny Van

Vhgygjhgjhhjbhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhbhcdcdhffhggtdfhjujjji giggly hanging.

Raevynn Lopez

Weirdo Detected!

Whitney Titus

It literally doesn't matter how you say you don't support the LGBT+ community or your reasons why. If you don't go along with group think, you're the enemy. Just have to learn to be okay with that. I'm okay with it. I don't care how people feel about me not supporting LGBT+...it's my personal informed opinion. I'm also not obligated to tell you why either. I'd say No and leave it at that. I'll be that homophobic person in other people's eyes. As long as I didn't do anything illegal, who cares?

CuteSuperParrot !


Anna Huang

Stupid doctor

Barking Dog

Another goat?

Aryan Dwivedi

If the piranhas actually existed with that roster, they would probably still have a better record than then the cavs, suns, and/or knicks.

Sankaran Nair

In Kerala

Payton Heller

ummmm do you eat or no?? ;-; im just wondering


I know the last season of GoT sucked, but come on, man! Spoiler warning, maybe?

Have a great day guys, bye!


as neebs would say it

gigi m

Why did they switch hair colors

Porscha Castillo

I got a watch these anime

Vicky Vam


Aj Galloway

How is it, that she gets sexier and sexier every time joe!!

EPic ItO

One time I kicked a basketball at the pole of the hoop and it popped, everyone heard it.

Shivesh Gupta

Is this trailer is real or fake

fsoon yoog

The high ground: Exists Jedi: It’s free real estate

Anne Witte

please do a kickball battle PLEASE! Team TY!

Team Extreme sports

Hey you guys are great anyone mind checking out our channel lots of people are doubting us.


Dark complexion people have higher levels of TESTOSTERONE than light complexion people so YES it is their GENETIC and SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY to keep themselves in check and keep their cool in heated situations. Word.


Wow now you know how lgbt people actually fucking feel 👀👀👀👀👀


this guy knows how to make quality content, no derping around, just what you came for when you clicked this video, Some people are claiming that this is another example of Illumination (animators) reusing assets.

Gallo Region Arbonne International

ty that last part was eggsestential

Tay D

LOL you guys should try it out at the top of the Stratosphere in Vegas. swag

lovely • roblox master

Girl: I Lost My Long And Beautiful Hair To Cancer.

Brandanawitz Goofus

During the surfer stereotype, Tye looks like Kurt Cobain.


dont sweat it man take your time, you dont need to make these were lucky you do at all and i appreciate it

Garrett Copher

tyler and his dad are most alike

Cecil W

1. This is 99% fake

Ladybug and cat noir


Amanda Brown

The airball shot

Amelie Pole



The Battlefield one was marvelous

Alfredo Rodriguez

no sir got a ps3 and proud so dont start no console war:P

Romen YT

Dude perfect: Now time to take 90% of our camera storage to keep trying to record perfect clips.

TheGreatOrGood Studios

If you pizza before you get dumped, you're gonna have a bad tiiiiime.


Hey guys, long shot here, but just started a trick shot channel and if anyone could just take a look and give some feedback or subscribe that would be great, cheers :)

raiso M. Calilao

Im ready to watch

matthew mixed marvel and dc channel

Jimmy looks like he is about to say pizzas time

Ninja Boy


Ciara Clemons

Cory is my favorite

Evansgamingchannal boiiss

On the game I cannot get to the farm world 😤🤬🤬😡👹

Cat Human

I got an add for experiments on dogs right before this.

Domenik Debert

Thank you

Ella: Woah, guess I’m not crazy!

Luke Carnegie

You should do golf driveing range trick shots that will be great thanks❤️