Easy Homemade Jerky without a Dehydrator

Save money with our easy homemade jerky using your favorite meat. marinade:¼ cup soy sauce2 ½ tbsp. liquid smoke2 tbsp Worcestershire2 tbsp light brown sugar2 tsp salt1 tsp meat tenderizer½ tsp coarse ground pepper1 tsp onion powder1 tsp smoked paprika1 tsp garlic powder


Guys what's better his vid or @Disney 's vid?

Noah Carrier

I really hope he found his ring (like if you agree)



Nah I have an ugly personality and a pretty face but I’m fine with it😉

Deacon Abernathy

please leave a like.

Cintia Muñoz

Soy el único que habla español

Shocked by Stun Cane




Put subtitles on at 0:11 and look at what it says for 'purple hoser'

It's hard for me to write it, but after his words I just realized that the happiness is about taking care of other people, not only beloved. It's also about appreciate what we've got and who we REALLY ARE. Not who we want to be. That might give us a little happiness for a while. But not for the whole life.

shayal sanyasi

why did the chiken crosthe road to get blown

XFLASHX714 Fulford

Nice hair Tyler

Liam Russell

My name is miley

Everything Frisky

So am I the only one that was cracking up on that last clip? 😂😂 Damn. People are so sensitive.

kalais hoffmannbeck

isnt bijuu mike the brother of danTDM

Katrina Miklovičová

Hi! I am not medicaly educated, but I live with chronic pain and CFS but I at least I have succesfully got better with my stomach issues (sickness, loosing weight, not eating, painful stomach,...) plus my imune system problems. When everything went south, one really nice doctor (one of 25 I already visited) had a good advice for me. He is a gastroenterologist and when he saw my problem he made some tests for food allergies. And there it was, cow protein intolerance, any dairy I eat make me so sick, that I can fall unconsios. So my digestion got better after getting on diet. Currently I am on dairy free and gluten free diet. I do not know if it can help you but those allergy symptoms you have are alerting. At least try looking into this. Good luck and believe that there is always a way to get better. For example my own heart problems which I was told that will just get worse are now cured almost like a miracle.

WolfSunnyStar / Jas

Didn't we all?

Big hoss

Rip Dom

Ćhîča Åśeśińa

Ya but remember that sometimes love....

Erin Charles

I never met my grandfather, when my dad was around 10 my grandfather committed suicide, my grandmother never told my dad how he did it, my grandmother is living a happy healthy life, so is my great-grandfather and great-grandmother, I hope my grandfather is going to greet me in heaven. I hope he had a good life.

Jaed Maray Enriquez

They should join olympics

Songbird Rebel

I can completely relate. A while back, when I was younger, I almost lost my bikini top in a public pool during swimming lessons. I’ve worn one piece until I gradually trust myself wearing bikinis again.

Kayla Vasquez

We females are cable. She is a huge example

Super Saiyan

I am gonna download it NOW!!!!!!!

Jordan Downing


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shut up bitch. you jelly.


I have a question regarding the bow and arrows do they come in black

raphael alingog

humanity need that barack obama episode

Monique Washington

Ohh I love it yassss👍👌Rest Nipsey we love and miss you 😢😭💙@J Stone You did that 😉


"Damn rats ruining my day" 4:00

Haris Grabus

Kurac moj

dC Aristar

lol I feel so called out! I'm eating taco bell watching this.



Loser Kenshin

Hell ya Wendy’s

Jose Tacos

Great now we have to wait another 2 years for him to arrive

DDOF fortinite moments and fails!

Yeah but Texas is America so it gets +227 points for every year since the establishment of this country. AMERICA!

Hector Luna

This cracks me up Lmaoo


What a great story to tell😂😂


loved the video man !

Ashen Moonzy

I used to be anorexic all I gotta say is its not worth pitting your life on the line 2 b skinny

teo Santos

Do a video where you reveal all the mascots face is

Fuck ‘em all 'cause they broke


dogs are cute

ninnew J

wow! this channel needs MORE subs!! ☝


Tijuana Pirañas fan since 1992 Vamos Pirañas