Eating at Hollywood’s Most Iconic Restaurants

The classics come in all forms in Hollywood and we're visiting the most iconic spots. From an old-school Italian red sauce joint to the most legendary music venue in Hollywood, our host Kris Yenbamroong is visiting the true classics. We're eating late night Jewish deli food and dancing it off at the most fun bar in West Hollywood. There's a reason why these places have been mainstays for so long.Subscribe to Munchies here: out for more!Follow Munchies here:Facebook: videos from the VICE network:

Zach Fallahee

You gotta get the Ribeye at Texas Roadhouse

Ellie Cowan


Lynnaya Eline

Tyler looks a lot like his dad

Ivan Potabuga

But Man united is the best club in premier league

Joe Espy

Nice dunks but you do realize NBA players do those donuts from ground not trampoline....

Emu Murdo

Can’t wait for Hanna’s


I've been having trouble trying to lose weight. I was at 105 pounds on Christmas Eve and now I'm up to 111 because my parents bought me a ton of chocolate and I feel the need to eat it. I will try to hide my sweets like the video suggests so I can stop.

Epic_Fuzion Gaming

Is their a gaming channel lol

네,저는 못생겼어요.그리고

2018 November? :)

Jelte Verscheure

Lol the joker from gotham is a Jedi 😂


Joel:*Sees Justin Beiber as Drake in the paper* No...

Frost Bite

what if dead silence and saw has a back story...or something.

Cullen Dean

April 7 is my birthday so give a like

Wesley Coolbaugh

ok what's with snake speaking Afrikanse or whatever. I've seen other videos with him speaking in English and it's driving me ocd crazy

Monarch BLUE

That Raptors game was pretty cool. RIGHT JAMES!!!

Mesh Drezy



curry is what vegans and non vegans all agree on

Ajay Kumar


Hari Babu

Its not 2 bad but gud


i wonder how the car is driving if its at 0???