Evolution of Fortnite Map (Season 1 - Season 9)

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brother Jerian

truly, the creators of battlefield franchise have a care-bear fetish

Arianna Cole

Dannnn this is me everyday

tea for one

Never stop talking with your calm ass voice


Second do one with madden

Nathan Lucks

god reached out to all of them

Kemper kempdog

From the line dunk


My mom got shorter legs than me and that woman be walking mad fast.

Hajzhi Chien

Be careful of filming the doctor or organization can sue you big time


Wait... people still play this game?!?

Mabel Reodica

Ty’s arms at 5:43

Haichu Animations -

wheres garret?

E RocK

Hi Olivia do you like my new icon

Mary Louis Lilah


Nate T

Did that Aussie impression a little too well XD

Cousin Corner

Cody me boy first I see you curry then Lebrun then dirk😤😩

Lelfamlit AJ

I’m crying because there are many children who cannot go to school while I am here, not wanting to go to school.


Like for Wolf 🐺


well that first one was depressing...


Wow when they try to distract people from lgbtq thing with this shit

Вадим Вадим

Фергесон)) я люблю тебя!

Leo Seimtex

Look like gta4 map

virgil tolosa

in the Philippines there's a bee laughing with those three


Get a real job, how are you supposed to live working at McDonald’s smh

Gabriella Garcia

Hit or miss, i guess they never miss huh? You got a boyfriend i bet he does not kiss ya muha, he gonna find another girl and he won't miss ya he gonna skirt and hit the dab like wiz khalifa

Amanda Knutson



Love your channel guys!

Nathan Alexopoulos



I can maybe survive lightning


Só eu que lembrei de valente? E se os universos estiverem interligados? Mesmo sendo de estúdios diferentes... será que estou viajando de mais?

Midnight the hybrid

lol i heard fall on our boosims but it was fall on out faces

Roberto Bermejo

Johnny Manziel is a dick

ainun nurbaya

My mom became a monster because she threw a sandal


wait, is the name "valak" on that bookcase 4:21 also an easter egg ?

Dalia Tamulaityte

They should be įn the nba


lmao end is classic

cristina almeida™

Jlo & I share the same birthday! July 24th!😅♌️🎉

Legit bloke

Cool but they should have to put some epic music in the background


Healthy people, continue life as arrogant and indifferent ones, you deserved to be healthy after all?!

james perrow


Scoulid Scake

I used to be able to do all of those challenges, then I took a frisbee ,that was thrown by Brodie smith, to the knee.

F H97

I have all the 9 symptoms... i wish i get hit by a car but i don't want to kill myself because i don't want others to suffer because of me

Junior Da Silva

I'm Irish from Co Tipperary


9/11 all over again, buildings had AirPods.