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So this time the legendary is a...Dark Souls boss?

Bocah Gamer

Pasti ada orang indonesia jugaa


This is the best episode lol Eggie jr 😂

Stephen Curry


@TheNoiy11 Im filming a Just Cause 2 one right now.

Gacha Love

My grandfather died 2 days before my birthday and I miss him so much this story made me breakdown to tears because I felt her pain of losing someone you love and been with you all you life. (Oh, he did 2 years ago so I 'm ok now but he's always in my heart 😊)

Johansen Oduor

i am an south african

Arlene Hersey

Ping pong sing song super Super Mario Up on the roof top Say my name

cici doggo

Well that's the opposite of my family

TheCurtain Plays

John Cena


at what point is it obvious?wet clothesdirt lines from the roller bladesmarks on the dirt from the 4 wheeler alreadyit seems like that wasnt their one and only take...

Basketball and others

360 alley hoop

Hux Fysh

Dude Perfect when will you come to australia and do a video on AFL! learn to kick a ball the real way


I love your channel :) everything you do is awesome. That part with the evil within made me laugh a lot haha. Just when you said "why would I want to play evil within, it's very scary" :) thanks for all the good times Guru. Can't wait to see what this year holds!

Ella Harris

It's a tortoise not a turtle

Fluorescent Black


"Why cant you be more like your brother?"

eriya xo

not that related to the video but i am living for this art style 💓

Jordan Presley

When you gonna join the Nfl because Dallas needs you

Miki R Kissler

1:32 Tyler almost hit cobys 's head

Skull Capton

Legend if Zelda: Suffication of the Tamed

Vendra Mohan

Hi super

Christian D'Antoni

Can u guys go with drew bres next

brandon smith

Add fresh rosemary and garlic to the cream and butter while its melting... It's how I make mine every Thanksgiving and everyone goes crazy for them

My opinion, not yours.

Cameron Strommen

can you take the giant teddy and place it in ur home AS the giant teddy? or does it turn into a small one?

Dillon Branham

Make dude perfect weight stickers

I am pluto

My dad used to smoke but me and my mom kept bothering him to stop and he got mad and stopped smoking

But do you try FNAF

Tyler Ferreira



Building a wall is not adapting, your adapting nature to your needs. Leaving the area or building your homes that can withstand hurricanes, that is adapting. We humans have to learn that nature always wins.

Personally I would attempt to set up a system to locate review and vet current illegals and grant citizenship to longterm and even short term illegals with clean records and stable legal jobs and boot out undesirables. And then I would attempt to streamline the immigration system where coming in legally would not require such an extreme wait time as much as possible.



Andyyy Wu

Isn't it "Boys can't hit girls."?

Jeff Charlie


Pathearn 12

On the 2nd shot, Ty looks like a giant compared to everyone else

Ty 95

Tyler has one hell of an arm. Why didn't he try to be a quarterback?

Spooder Man

1 like = 9999999999283732661711828373533672289229927363637229192827373292928262 dollars


Being British I don’t understand any of this


hope you make another video since their still a starwars The Jetsons and  titanic reference and of course ones that know one knows about yet


Omg I've played Dear Esther like 3 times and never noticed that. That's so creepy, I even looked up the stairs of the lighthouse tower and somehow didn't see that. It's also creepy because it looks like the Grudge or Samara or whatever her name is from the Ring.

Enfinity geek

Okay but why did it go on for 5 whole months?? Just a little confused



Andrea Nicole

This is the saddest thing I have ever watched.😭😭 also what the song in the background when she was reading the last letter?

Nikko A.

Is this the new brother bear?


wait, that other ending wasnt real was it? sorry for being stupid if it was