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Labrador Gacha’s

I hope you find a way to stop the pain

The Brainy

I did everything ... I am from india and haven't won yet and i have been commenting since 4 months dude

Chac Rivers

Was that Sing Street at the end?


When can you show who's in the 🐼 panda

I Boxy

Q:will you ever be my friend


@hasnainclub haha, not

Mike Schaeffer



I may found one not in this video. During the Seasons Puzzle, Atreus references a song his mother used to sing to him. The lyrics went “Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn.” Pretty similar to the lyrics by Carole King in “You’ve Got a Friend”: “Winter, spring, summer, or fall, all you have to do is call”.


Girl you were mentally ill. You and your whole family was unhealthy. Yours was mental

Basic Insight

Hey Paul!! It's me


Mazel Tov Klein Family!!!

charlie martin

the shard in london

Bronwen Alvah

"She's not a sandwich!" Lmao🤣❤❤


The weird thing is I think I can throw better ;-;

Akshay Babu

that cgi face of that lady sucks....and the last background when he opens the door is pathetic !!!

ω・*Gacha Rose*・ω

why isn't anyone talking about how cute her shirts are !!

Stephen Szymkowiak

I'm going with Myles. Cody dancing at the end

Noah Harper

Ty literally always wins everything

Matt Boston

YAY!! Everyone is a victim! We are all weak... horray!!! Guess we forgot how stressful life use to be with world wars, drafts, disease and famine destroying the population. Now kids get panic attacks when their phone runs out of juice


Life tips from Acorn

Paul Keefe

How many times have you failed at English?

Ethan's Universe

When Ty loses, goes rage monster

Lexie Moss

I don’t get all the symptoms but I do get quite a few?? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Reid Wightman

I've noticed in every trick shot video the ball always seems to curve right at the net which is weird



Everybody pickpockets in London. Problem solved. Trust me, they're everywhere.

laika the FANGIRL


Albulena Lajka

Stupid David.

Lauren Meyer

i love watching these, it is so funny out of context

Igot7 Army

I thought you said red hair guy

Cool but spooky


I have to admit these lyrics are dope, however f*ck all three restaurants, they invest in privatized prisons.

senior autism

3:30 that wasnt a true 7 10 pickup.


I knew like half of them. Thanks for showing us the rest :-)

Stella Peterson

I am

Addi Savage

I get called ugly everyday

ICY Void

0:52 why are they pole dancing 😂



Greg Parrish

thats not seeing sound its called seeing the vibration of you talken to a pice of plastic


saints row is childish and repetitive...I used to like it as well but not anymore...I have SR3...i think saints row 4 is the most stupid game ever released...thats why we hate it...

a chef, the only thing you see her as you monster

Dude Perfect

Pumped you guys loved the vid!