How to make a Chinese herbal honey? 长白山人参蜜:众参皆苦,而我是甜的|Liziqi channel

Liziqi channel长白山人参蜜,给生活来点甜头。来自于长白山的人参蜜,用的是4-5年种植人参、平均70年树龄椴树花蜜精心制作,29道工序过后,甜味和香味会显得浓郁一些,温和不易上火。一年四季都可以吃,给生活来点甜头。Subscribe to Liziqi Channel on YouTube: videos of my channel:Summer 夏之卷(playlist):the link to translate: # LýTửThất #李子柒 #Chinesefood #리즈치

dnE eM

Grunts: running around

Ferhana Farooqi

For the first time,I saw click bait indp's video...But I was gonna watch it anyways😉

chris Hernandez

Dude this video is cool, what is the name of the song ?


2016 i went there!!!!!!! sky ranch cabin rock wall!!! love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KidComic05 TAZ

I miss playing finest hour

press f to pay respect

Fawn Devile

How the hell is peter griffin so good at asmr


I did a beauty test on the internet like in the video and I got 83% out of 100 lol. Apparently I’m pretty 😁

Paul Solomon

You go girl


Yay a new video!!

Dawid Szulc

That just seems too private to share on a podcast.

twan the weirdo

not the dog. OH NOT THE DOG!!

Andrew Delorme

it's gonna have to be a pretty eggcelent pun to crack up ty


These guys shloud try out nba

GuavaRBX OwO

you guys dont exist...

Brian Cacini

Gmod is based off of half life

Me: immidetly thinks of Jin and the rest of BTS

unicorn lover-b

What's ur insta?

WJ 161 Management

You Indonesia?


So sad

Septic Albert


arav gagneja

How do you do it

potato life

Lol if i were her when the coach say that im a pig and no dinner for me then i will be like OK then at dinner time i would just eat usually🤣

Error 404

They’re mainly snowboarding

Karl Vonn Cruz



How do people find some of the difficult easter eggs? Do developers just tell close friends and it spreads that way? because some of them you'd just never find

hamza fidan

Kardes cevirmeseydin daha iyidi

I don't think that I'll ever come down

s chandra


“Hey, Vegeta? Vegeta? Vegeta? Vegeta? Vegeta? Vegeta?...”

Nick Papi

the production value of your videos has gone up man, keep it up ^-^

Rhoan Gilson


Dean Piggott

@soccerdavid88 Are you dumb?


What a lit song

bigbootydestroyer bernardje

Tyson plays for Dallas now

Brenda Potter

1 like 1 5 more wins for tyler


I open this costume by luck and can't get rid of it through the entire game!

Lee Healey

what nikes joe got on?

look at his hair XD

I am also human I have the right to be who I want to be

Andrew Koukos

New York Mets all THE way

Staci Murillo

Ty looks more like his dad

kitty Chan

The sans Shirt 😂

C Locke

Ty looks like santa that lost weight and got contacts

IL Han Mat Kassim


Kavisha Dasun

Does anyone else find Elsa's running animation a little bit wack?


So that explains the shirt someone has,at school that says kill rabbit ahhh run away or something 

RewindSkout YT

Those short shorts tho


Imagine still playing clash of clans in 2019

Jan-Ida Ripton

I went through something similar to this a couple years ago. Thank God I was able to get away from it before things turned into that 🙏