How To Pickle & Ferment Vegetables | Episode 1 | Spoiled To Perfection

Spoiled To Perfection is a food web series celebrating fermented foods, pickling and other incredible food alchemy. 1 of Spoiled To Perfection features Jennifer Harris, a Sonoma County fermentation specialist who teaches us all about fermented foods, pickling, good bacteria and more. Watch now to learn more about how fermentation and pickling can change the alchemy of raw foods. Jennifer Harris describes herself as a Bacteria Advocate and fermentation/pickling instructor. Discovering that "good bacteria" is necessary for our health, Jennifer set out on a mission to learn to preserve foods traditionally, including yogurt, sauerkraut, sour breads, pickles, wild sodas, cheese and more. As a big supporter of seasonal and local food, you can find Jennifer at farmers markets throughout the year picking up the best produce to ferment: that which is abundant and fresh! Jennifer hosts a monthly fermentation class to teach traditional fermentation techniques and is the coordinator of the annual Farm to Fermentation Festival.

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