I gave myself third degree burns making soup in Cooking Simulator

Cooking Simulator places you into the virtual body of a world class chef. Theoretically. It actually doesn't make you in any way capable of being a chef at all, but that's not going to stop me trying. It's Colonel vs kitchen with a decidedly Gallic flair. This is gameplay from the game which releases next week.This is Cooking Simulator from Playway (who else?) and it's available via Steam from June 6th. Find out more here - (No, I don't get a kickback, just the endless gratitude from one of my favourite publishers of bafflingly fun games). Yep, got the game for free, so as always this review is completely biased. It's also not a review.#cookingismulator***********Here are some things you might find interesting. You might not. I'm not going to judge you for finding things interesting or not. Or will I?Would you like a personal video just for you? Perhaps you have a burning question you'd like answered? Now you can have exactly that. Visit me on ScaleAbout and I'll see what I can do : you want extra videos? Do you want me to make more videos? Do you want to help me jack in my day job and make a lot more videos? Then get your wallet out and back me on Patreon. The name of the club is Bad Company, we play games and chat a lot. Join now : you want to follow a Twitter account that is actually cheerful? Not in the kind of way that offers life-affirming, inspirational text with a waterfall in the background, but in a jolly, acerbic kind of way? Follow me on Twitter. That's what I do. you want to know what videos are coming up each week? A few people do. I don't always get around to publishing the schedule, but when I do, I do it on Facebook. Not sure why I chose Facebook, but there you are. all for now. You can go about your business.

Mark Lao

lol basketball on FIRE


Shes so happy and upbeat. She sounds like a newscaster

It's all about youtube

Who is watching it after the release of its part 2?If u are like this comment.

Богдан Пищолка

очень класний канал подписка лайк

Brian Smoot

Comment from 2018


Hoes mad

Mr. Spicy

Bikini Bottom eh?

Punk Hyena

All the idiots in the comments saying anywhere else isnt much better sound like spoiled brats who take everything for granted.

That Nerd

I knew it had to be a president/leader

Wolfie Light Plays

So how can you talk in this video


How many fish did you catch with Larrys bait

Herlin.E Puspita

I am waiting for the 3rd oneee


Yagami Light died just so we could have this fire song

jade 'or

men will be men that's all

Dominic Campbell

I’m going to request madden and the show games with consequences


oops im definitely an extrovert


Do you delete the games once you're done finding the Easter eggs? Since you have many games

Dadda Dia



This video hit quite close to home. I have never had many problems with my parents. They were always the best. The students where the ones who gave me problems. So much so, that just a few weeks ago, I had a full blown panic attack when a teacher was yelling to the person next to me, while standing behind me. I felt like I was trapped. I wanted to scream and cry for help, but all that came out was tears. The rest of the lesson, I felt like I could barely move. I had paranoid thoughts and feelings of doom. A few times I even thought my friends would betray me in an instant. I didn't get much work done that lesson to say the least, or for the rest of the day.


@muarkatznii it's not fake lol It's a charity group dumbass


Sorry bijuu Mike

Lakshmi Vemali

Next one should be with Ab de villiers

Christian Lemus

This is still dope


Ronni Snow

Disney: Let's make a Frozen 2Also Disney: Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked.

Victoria Giovannini

Autistic people unite🤝🧩

Sofia Cruz



rip sean, he was minding his own business, driving a vehicle, sweeping the floor, but NOOO he got hit in the crotch XD

Denver Nuggetsfan 89 Broncos

Von miller

Gaming Sports


JCR Rikari

I used to be in dude perfect videos until i took an arrow to the knee


This made me cry because I feel like my real mum is unfair to me. She's always yelling an calling me and her other kids names. She gives me and my sister anxiety and everyone is afraid of her. I'm not very good at coping with it.

brianna m

Before I die I'm tryna fuck you, baby

Andr�s Monzalvo Esparza


Gabriel Acuna

I Bet u Won’t Like :(

Rawa Rawa

I really admire Kristen for showing her body on the internet. I could never do it.

Alexander Sicolo

4:20 XD