Japanese deep fried chicken チキン南蛮

►Patreon: I use in this video (Amazon affiliates links) Chef Knife: Sekimagoroku Gyoto(Chef's Knife (Panasonic Lumix FZ-1000 (Channel (メイン): (インスタ): / serves 2】Chicken thighs or chicken breast (400 - 450g / 15.8 – 14.1oz)Garlic paste 1/2 -1tsp1 Beaten eggSalt & PepperPotato starch or Deep-frying flourOil-Vinegar sauce-Vinegar or Apple black vinegar 3tbspMirin or Sugar 3tbspSoy sauce 3tbspYou can change the ratio however you want. -Tartar sauce-Mayonnaise 4 - 5tbsp 1Boiled egg1 – 2 pickled cucumbers Lemon juice 1/2 - 1tsp【You can also find us:】×Twitter: "On Brevity" by Josh Woodward. They can be found here: "Drop and roll" can be found here:

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Let me guess,you were expecting Jason down on the ground,huh? Video: 7 minutes

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3:24 look at the location of the photos! its Manila!

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I have all of the symptoms sadly, but i’m still not sure if i have it because i’ve not been at a phsycistrist yet and i’m too scared to tell my parents cause when i told them once they didn’t understand, and from that point i only told this on the internet cause i feel that my parents will never understand...

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Temperature differnces



Diamond is jumping over the Rainbow smiling with my Shaggy (my baby boy I lost a few years back) I know your pain to well, my deepest condolences for your family loss. my heart is heavy for you both.


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I really like the head trophy from the kamikaze at the Serious Sam room easteregg