KATA BOCAH Battle Makanan Jepang Vs Makanan Korea | #90

Halo foodies,, bagi kalian yang rajin nonton epsiode Kata Bocah pasti udah tau dong kalau kita pernah battle makanan Jepang Vs Indonesia. Nah kali ini bocah bocah akan battle makanan Jepang Vs Korea, . Ternyata, Korea dan Jepang mempunyai kemiripan makanan loh... Seperti, Gyoza vs Mandu, Okonomiyaki vs Pajeon, Ramen vs Ramyeon, dan Sushi vs Kimbab . Bisa gak ya mereka menebak dengan benar dan makanan mana yang menjadi favorit mereka. Yuks tonton Kata Bocah!.Don't forget to follow Instagram Don't forget to follow Instagram Kezia (@kezialovina), Gastan (@gastan.azhima), Kevin-Dylan (@kevin_zander, @dylan_duncan27) danAurel (@aurelia_zerany).------------Website: our Twitter: our Facebook: our Instagram: YouTube channel: us caption & translate this video!

Cam Ellefson


Itz Deathstroke

Damn, one hell of an intro...

alexander doyw

even if it's fake (which it isn't) it was so fucking cool


the dark sould of easyet ebbs

Me:*grabs grenade launcher*

The Lone Wolf

Someone please tell my idiot Aunt that the tomohawk is not the easter egg and the bright ball is not a spirit you follow and that everything does speed up and it isn't part of the editing.


My favorite video from 2016 was flip edition and water bottle flip edition

Brandon Simpkins

Did you guys hear ties a scumbag

Little gamer TV

Omg at 5:50 look at the book he’s holding it says Forbes that’s my middle name and my mums last name

Max Wasserman

December 2018 anyone? Also hell yeah all dressed chips

Renee Alexandra

That girl is Very impolite. even though I'm hearing :/


There is no chance of me telling mom about this at all..

Coach & The Sidekick

Everybody watch amazing basketball shots from thearnaldo10, they are awesome!

Gilang Pratama

Im gilang my friend is winner

Dakin Hansen

When it zooms in on Queit's ass, there's a face in the lower right corner. Is that actually there, or is it edited in?

Chris Foro

in the first easter egg it took me like 16:45 to beat the game

U are strong u are someone powerful

oliver sorensen

dead island 1 there are more than one chainsaw i found one in online

Rhiannon Buckley


Ruby Alice

I can’t stop laughing lmao dhjshdjagdjsbdhsjgd

DisCoolPerson 2019

Based on how many likes, this is who you would be:1 - Tyler2 - Garrett3 - Cody4 - Coby5 - Cory6 - Panda7 - Ant Man8 - Chad9 - Brodie Smith0 - In a bathroom disturbed all day

Joey Rascal

I’m the replay 1

Nina Van waes

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Evan Butler

i think Travis should be traded to the Patriots

• M Ï L À G Ã Ç H Ä •

Am I the only one who was triggered by the way she said invalid at the end...?

angry teapod

alcohol is worse then narcotics,alcohol slowly destroys a person.

Liam Almeyda

How can i get one