Kids Baking Championship Season 6 Episode 10

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Erick Solis

which world record can you beat?me: none! :D


Who is your favourite?Elsa: likeAnna:like

The Faded Fox

Lmao at the end they put Elon musk there as if he did something to Jeff bazos even though Jeff copied Elon musk

Jonah Moore

yaa usa sucks all the way Canada

Amanda Rollins

I haven’t watched this yet because I’m not ready for the waterworks that are for sure about to happen 😭


holy fuck it was a nice shot. who cares bout the rest of the shit like the weight of the ball and stick or the wind? i want to know what gun that is.

Elena Gonzalez

Disappointed i weigh at least 130 and im 17

Bl Sg

Do your next athlete video with Zach Ertz

Million Zombie




troy wescott

I like tcu

SpongeBob NiggerPants

Now have the reactors do this


I just searched The chit chat show on yt LMAO


daniela castro

1:41 ❤️✨

Amy Softa

Great episode! I know you went to Canada which is another country, but I would love to see how this challenge would go in a European location or somewhere where English isn't the main language. What happens if you show up in someplace like Bulgaria or Croatia without any clothes.

Lauren Bennett

Johns the worst


Liz Cywen

this is what being a teacher is about.

Derrick Kerr

Demanding. gosh, i am literally dying.


hey i usually go on twitter and show my appreciation but i just wanted to say that the calmness of the videos are so nice <3 well done.


Don’t forget the people being dramatic over getting water or sand in their eyes lol

Eric Rezac

We need @jarvisjohnson  here

Bre Kunz


Yassy Bennia

The kid must think a man in a relationship can have another women do you have any idea on how it can impact the kid

Retail Rebellion

Who also wants more creative ammo

Samraj BALI

my highest score was 176

It's really not your fault 😔

JazzyLand _x

but w h y

Tanay Joshi



Stop using strings to fake YOUR BS TRICKSHOTS

Potato Salad

Is it me or does he look like he just lost a game of basketball to David dobrek

pros only bros



6:59 Gears of war in the universe as aragami is confirmed (listen to the audio)

issac mancini

love this song

Ryan Burns

That is some insane editing

Day four: jk

Mr Meowzer vlogs

Cody gets 0 feet Tyler:team Cody does not do that kind of stuff

Richard Guilez

I think the cake Easter egg was a lie

Me: mE tOo gUrL lEt"s mEet (jk about the let's meet)

Shania Steward

Im thinking he in eighth grade being depressed and fighting but he said second grade

Chri Oil

I didn’t even realize that was Ganon until it was pointed out to me

Gabriel Kingdon Barbosa

The first one was fake