Library Sounds | Study Ambience | 2 Hours

One of the largest private collections in Greycott, this library houses ancient tomes as well as newly published books by local authors. Topics range from the arcane to the history of the city and its surrounds. There is also an extensive catalogue of private letters and family records that go back many generations. This library is a place for quiet research and reflection.-------Thanks for visiting the guild! Please leave a Like and subscribe for future uploads.-------Join my patreon today for exclusive videos and behind-the-scenes content: The Guild of Ambience 2018. All rights reserved. Any reproduction or republication of all or part of this video/audio is prohibited.

lugifer akuma

i feel alone so lonely the thing is when i tried to be nice got hurten by so many so i got shot out i prefered to live alone yet i feel unwanted i m turning to someone i don't want to be mean a bad yet it's only way i can live in this environement where violence is everywhere


I didn't even know they stopped beefing. this song's amazing.

A psychopath broke into my house

Ryan Collier

yup and where garret


Ty nice skillz with the katana

I pick you up in my arms, and you will find yourself, like a baby sleeping in his mother’s arms, on the other shore. What gives you immense stress and hurts you, is your reasoning over it, your thoughts and the pains it gives you; it is wanting at all costs to take care by yourself of what is afflicting you. Step Four: Realize that, your too skinny, and that it’s unhealthy, and you need to take care of yourself.


watches 2 minutes of the video.. "all of them are campfires from dark souls..."

Logan Murtha

Chad is hilarious!

Ethan Gartside

Tell garret that I said he is a big Man U fan

NightBro Samurai

Flip a tv

Humblestreet Kicks

Same old story

Racim KL

When you're like that...

Heber Ruiz

Is always mesmerizing see you videos.


Be more nicer tocob



jayshri bodke



Beside the Red Dead book is American History Y

Hunter Hacker

I love dude perfect

Ariana Castellanos

Ok but Jeff still looks sexy


Orr u could adopt


the video would've sounded better if it ended saying "i hate ann-xiety." instead of saying the other thing

Ally is epic

First time I hade vertigo was 9 years old and again at 10 years old