Meski Tutup, Warung Bu Anny Ramai Pengunjung

Warung Bu Anny yang berada di Jalan HOS. Cokroaminoto, Slawi, Kabupaten Tegal ditutup sementara oleh pemkab setempat. Meski begitu, warung tenda itu tetap ramai dikunjungi.Warung lesehan yang menyediakan menu makanan khas Lamongan itu mendadak tenar karena mematok harga selangit. Namanya viral di media sosial dalam benerapa hari terakhir ini. Makanya, warganet yang penasaran berbondong-bondong berkunjung ke warung tersebut.#LesehanBuAnny #Slawi

Wile Bearlin

I don’t think he’s very good

lena grugett

This is legit the best music video I've ever seen...

I am Groot

I got a feeling curry gonna drop 30+ and warriors lose by no more than 10

blackforest gem

Haha! Is it bad that i relate to having anxiety like that? Im affraid of placing orders at FREAKING MCDONALDS! MC FREAKIN DONALDS

Maxum Muscedere

Soccer was the destruction of this video

Alessia Greasley

Disney bout to get paid

Dobby Maltese

I love Steve Kerr, that really cracks me up!

Arthur Hastings

I think they need to improve the scene

Candi Lease

Such a miracle!!!!!! God blessed you guys with this beautiful gift! Your own angel baby!!! I pray that you both do what's needed and you make it all work out!!!! Be a strong foundation for this precious gift! I have here babies and throughout all the hard times and the downfalls my fiancé and I stayed strong for eachother and for our babies :) who are now definitely no longer babies :( they're gonna be eleven thirteen and fifteen :) cherish every single second of the pregnancy even the awful days where you feel like you're literally dying! Cuz you'll look back and wish you could feel those little fluttering kicks again!!! And when you FINALLY get to hold him or her in your arms and smell them and kiss them!!!!!!!!!........ Oh my gosh there's absolutely nothing else in this world like the feeling of meeting your baby for the first time.......After those long agonizing nine months!!!!!!!!!! You guys will make amazing parents! Continue to love one another and I hope this makes your relationship stronger and the love you have for one another grow even more! I know the moment my son was born and I looked into my (then boyfriends) eyes and I saw the tears fall I FELL HARD in love with him! And ever since that day... Almost thirteen years ago I've given him my all no matter what! Even right now he's been struggling with depression and hasn't been working and our stress levels are thru the roof I still and always will love him with every ounce of my benign he's the daddy to my babies he's the one who gave me these children and no one else could come close to touching what we have together :) I'd never see myself with someone else even if so,etching happened between us tomorrow! We've been together for almost seventeen years!!!! Omg!

Holy Doggo’s Assistant

0:55 subscribe to Pewdiepie


video:How many "yes" comments do you wantcomments: YES

Lollkic Queen

Girl an average date is 100 so what you mean it was expensive cheap gold digger

Kristen Carman

My favorite dp video

Barbara Wirhem

They should

Jerold Hollybrass

first time i heard ty cuss

Ryan Procter

2019any one.

Batman TheKnight

Should’ve had the Panda’s flag as China! 😂 Wait.. Pandas are from China right?

Its Ky

KSI is so full of himself 💀😭


No one worries about upsetting a droid; unless that droid's HK-47, he will kill you and laugh about it.


He has done nothing in the NFL

GachaWolf _Editz

You can just say NO, U

Maria Alvarez


The episodes with "good" endings are the ones I seem to like the most, but they're also the ones that I think don't really fit in.

Etha n

I hate Man City sooooo bad I'm a united guy


My period:

Jack Kaster



you could have just simply said UNSEEN not UNUSED, i mean wtf


Uploaded on my birthday

Mocha Pop

I actually like how the girl isn't perfect and she's just being herself even if she has some bad qualities 😅


Damn, that demon must love Sagan to be droppin some albums with some hidden messages for him...


We don't have these problems in finland. Nobody cares do you move your ass in a bus. Finnish people are the most introverted people in world

Vaas Montenegro

1:10 we have now discovered the strongest weapon in the game.

Couldn't they prevent it?

erika firdiyanti

My allergies are from food


I think anyone who has played a crap load of volleyball has worked on a few trick shots (especially serving into a basketball hoop from across the court).Great video... brought back memories of doing all these things when coaching high school volleyball!

Colleen Geary


Lian Gajardo

The first one, I don't think that is Asmr xD

Hun Li

I read the description, and I knew this was Jeff bezos

Spectral Gaming

1 like = her foster parents and aunt will be sentenced 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999.99999999999999999999999999 years in HELL.

Gonçalo Duarte

Make another video but with @Ngapeht

ncsam 000000

Whoopy 120 frames per second lmao you're barely getting to what is normal on PC lmao holy crap consoles are just way behind. I guess I'll have to switch