Ninja Foodi Slow Cooker BBQ Pork Ribs and Juicy Sweet Garlic Foil Corn

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Biplab Ghosh

The purple hoser


You should stop hanging out with Anne

Marcel Ag

Bruh do you really think thats a bad life to you? If you would switch places with me it would be 10% times harder

You gon' make me go Incredible Hulk

Billy Boy

0:42 why does it look like skies dabbed😂


I’m the misses all game, but banks in a 3 for the win guy, lol. 🏀3️⃣💵

Taeste the Rainbow -

At least she tried to change..

Jessei Jambu

where is the clint barton in trailer,or you forget to him in the game?

Gavin Matthew Davis

Ty's jump shot is like an over the head pass, you should have also added the worst passer

YOUTUBE: Do you want to get banned??

Gamersof greatness

Have you ever done a bottle flips battle

Miss Mia

You forgot The one who talks really loud about the weirdest things


I feel bad for the panda


Then you flag for copyright? I geuss


you guys didnt read the comment i didnt say it was real or fake but in my eyes it looks real!!!

Markas P


Joe Hernandez

Always a great video with

Jordjaed Martinez


ODST Brooks

I've always loved this channel 😄✌️

Simply Christi

I jumped when she walked into the train...😂

João Gabriel

É nesse filme q a Elsa vai beijar a Bela adormecida???DAMARES VC ME PROMETEU

Yih Thung Chin

I tried but, it didnt work, they just told me to get over it and forced me to promise them to not feel depressed or they would scold me even more .Ive tried showing them proof but it didnt work, they just dont believe me and they keep thinking that feeling sad all the time is just a process of puberty,even though I have no signs of puberty, like I dont have pimples, I dont have periods yet, no growth spurt , no nothing , I am also scared of telling them that I have suicidal thoughts because my mom is a very social person and if I tell her my secrets, she would tell it to all her freinds and make a joke about me ,how can I know, one time I told her one of my biggest secrets, she told it to her friends in front of me and made fun of me . Well my dad is a buisness man he always calls me stupid and all the other mean stuff to me ,its just sad. And I am terrified of him because he would scold me even if I make a slightest mistake like droppinh something on the floor and NOT even breaking it. Can someone help me please? I am just a ten year old kid , I do not have a counseler at school , and i try to avoid it because I dont have freinds. I have two YOUNGER sisters that treat me like trash. I am putting this in the comments because I know that my parents wouldnt watch this video. Sorry if its too long to read.🙁

Day by day, I'm struggling with and against myself, but it's always worth it. The talkative