Over Complicated Life Hacks - Volume 2

We take common, everyday problems and engineer a convoluted and unnecessary solution for your amusement.Latest Video Here: Media Links:Facebook: Inquiries or Media Requests? Get in touch here:#HouseholdHacker

René Vos

I've missed the "run forest, run" reference in the begining of far cry 3.

Julieta Serrano

Ethan: Tired of graysons bitching😂💀

Crppy Jeffanimation

😂 why would anyone let you in a store buy yourself 😂

Sophie Chavez

I’m the human controller 😂😂😂


Do you go back to every game and play them just to get to a certain scene in all your vids? Or do you have friends help you on that or you use portions of other people's vids?

The Cartoon Guy

So funny 😂😂😂😂

yeethatluck thetruth

did anyone else see dj Khaled on the painting

Lots of Budgies

So your foster mum kicked you outta house because an argument?! Despite your problems with family!? And you never saw her again!? ONE LIKE ONE SLAP FOR FOSTER MUM.

smh bruh moment

could’ve just said it makes u fat.

Glass Heart

I can relate. I want to have a art job but there’s no art careers that will make me have a comfortable life. I don’t like tech, just basic color pencils and paper. My parents don’t support me because art related jobs don’t provide much. I get discourage and feel like my talent will go to waste. I would like to be a art teacher but I know they don’t earn much

Natalie Mutschler

Is it still depression if I can be happy

Benjamin Cravey

I love how often they do a Nope when its them being inept at it

maelynna brito

i love this channel and i've only been watching for an hour

Piyi Orfanoudakh

this video is really meaningful and helpful to many people, keep going with those videos. They are amazing

that dude


assassin201509 ps4


Vincent Pallasigui

Director: How many confusing themes do you want?Elsa: yess

Dominik Szalay

A few of them are requirements for achievements like the Akima poster, the crop circle, Ocelot kissing Snake...


The panda has got to be Sean. I mean, c'mon. He magically disappeared from your group? I know he went to med school and everything, but I saw him in the Dallas edition. I know it's Sean.

I.claim.him.as.Duncan robot aka Ahm ha.ha...haha...like his laugh😄😄

Cheeno C

And it only took 1,000,000 shots on each one

Nabil And Friends Vine

I'm watching this in 2019 and I just realised that Rage Monster a.k.a Ty. Just rko'ed the Christmas tree

lil Kamafire

My favorite was the water s skippn colorsplosion

Basketball player 4

Dude perfect batting gloves



Gilang Setyawibawa

A wild water-type horse legendary pokemon appeared! Quick, catch it!


So when pointing at the METAL GEAR RISING Logo and Miller said its nothing special... IT was like a solid fuck u To the game right



Anthony Koutouzis

I liked for your bum tyler


4:28 period in the pond


I love the quality of your videos! :D

Me:i dont wanna go to school!

[Verse 2: Lil TJay] And Jlo is such a nice and cool person, it's crazy how close and cool they are with those A list celebs, I got all excited for Catherine lol!😭 Love you Ace Family!❤❤♠️♠️

khush shah

Racheal should be a Reactor

Abby Huss

My mom smoked. One day, my mom and my dad were out on a date. They at one point got in a fight because of the odd cigarette smell. My mom told my dad that she wanted to keep in dating her, and my dad’s words changed her life.

The Punk kid

the arena of mavericks right?

This got me thinking so hard.

Dp Kids cool

Ty won

Yacob and Aaron

Where is the rest of dude perfect like tyler

Moon explorer

Does a country like that exist in real?

June Border Collie

I wanna send a story to MinuteVideos via the internet site but when I click on the button « submit » it doesn’t work. How can I do?

louise fairfax

how about a top 10 video of adult references or in-jokes or easter eggs from the Power Rangers TV series PLEASE?


what you did to those skittles was MURDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Double- V

Who else thought he threw the turtle after finding it 😂

Tina wilson

When you guys put the cheese hat on i was screaming cause im from wisconsin

Temuera Hall

You need me in it


is this real or fake I CANT TELLL