Pancit Sotanghon Guisado | Stir-fry Vermicelli Noodles

HOW TO COOK STIR-FRY VERMICELLI NOODLES !!PAANO MAGLUTO NG PANCIT SOTANGHON GUISADO!! Filipino Pancit Sotanghon Guisado  is another variety of noodle dish which uses Sotanghon (vermicelli) as the main ingredient. Ingredients :OilGarlic OnionChicken Soy sauce Pepper Water Chicken cubes (optional) Or chicken stock ( for added flavor) Vermicelli Noodles 8ozTnx for watching guys! :)LIKE COMMENTSSUBSCRIBE! :)EMAIL : #SotanghonGuisadoTOKWA AT KANGKONG WITH OYSTER SAUCE -- MANI (boiled peanuts) -- BAGOONG ALAMANG (sauteed shrimp paste)-- CHAMPORADO -- FLAN RECIPE -- (CROQUETTES) -- BUNGA NG MALUNGGAY, PORK AND KAMOTE WITH BAGOONG ISDA -- MONGGO WITH CHICHARON -- ADOBO (pinatuyo) -- CURRY (Filipino style) -- with MISUA and PATOLA -- TAHONG (Mussels in Ginger Soup) -- STEAK IN MUSHROOMS WHITE SAUCE -- HIPON KALABASA AT SITAW -- PUSIT (squid adobo)-- SARDINES WITH PECHAY-- TILAPIA WITH PECHAY -- SITAW(string beans adibo) -- SPARE RIBS SINIGANG WITH GABI -- Sotanghon Guisado | Stir-fry Vermicelli Noodles -- ADOBO -- EGG BUTTERED SHRIMP -- SPARE RIBS NILAGA -- also search for:Stir-fry vermicelli noodles recipe Sotanghon Guisado Recipe How to make PancitHow to cook pancitPansit recipe for business Vermicelli ingredients Sotanggon Guisado panlasang pinoyStirfry vermicelli noodles special recipe How to cook vermicelli noodles Paano magluto ng sotanghon guisado Paano magluto ng vermicelli noodles Paano magluto ng pancitPaano magluto ng pancit guisado


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