Pan Steamed Broccoli

Making 2 heads of broccoli (washed)3 oz. waterFinish with butter or compound butterSalt and pepper to tasteCompound Butter: Asparagus: more quick instructional videos: and be the first to watch and learn new techniques!


The art style reminds me of Big Hero 6–

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Let it go

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Are you able to get back to the earth AFTER the rockets hit?

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Waaaait..... 4 days with now food or water? You can only survive 3 days without water.....


Hi Question:

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ok ok, WTH what the actual H, what kind of parents do you have! That's just weird

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The Game Boy


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Very cool and impressive


Halle Berry is a national treasure!

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The next consequence should be shouting your loudest for 10 seconds


The bird in Postman Pat was like "Damn did y'all just see that shit" haha

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Lol I’m in 2018 6yrs ago


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Do another team battle! Basketball Team Battle!Cody & Tyler vs Coby & Garrett! Cory can host it!Round 1- 1-Minute Basketball ShootoutTyler-VS-GarrettRound 2- 3 Pointer ChallengeCody-VS-CobyTiebreaker- 2v2 Game! First To 20!Consequence: Basketball Firing Squad!

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1.5 million to go

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#15 trending I Mexico

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Oh GuruKid, you are so cool and mysterious!! I love your videos so much!! I love you too!!

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They say she fat but when the creator made her she look fine

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“December 2018, anyone”Says generic commenterDecember 2018, anyone


drama alert nation will be after you

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