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Jacob James

Craig a goat.


Guys, your skin isn’t paper so don’t damage it, your neck isn’t a coat so don’t hang it, your life isn’t a movie so don’t end it.

markus scorpianus


stay positive and know you're cool

Jaquan Tucker

I want to see you guys get magnesium and dig a hole and bury it while it's on fire and see what happened

Jack Brinker

You guys are awsome

For around 10 months.



jesusalexander sad

Pongan sub español

joaquin flores

Y bueno... si bien un tal "vivete la music" se robo este video tal cual y lo subió consiguiendo algo de 12 millones de views cuando este tenia 15 millones de views (el cual fue borrado, aunque el sinverguenza lo volvio a subir más tarde), podemos decir que el rey del trap sigue siendo Benito :D 2:If she suffers so much she wouldn't share her story because I mean u understand right"most painful disease" if it's most painful and she barely talks she won't be able to say so many things

Peter Crush

Kurt Cobain ? <3

Ayanna O'Connor

Was this real?

Tasneem Farhat

Nice egg though

Forrest Outdoors

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Jerry Jones

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screw germans italins know how to make a car exciting

Victorian Hipster

the tomato easter egg is one of the best in any game now

Derrick Gray

Great......more Junkie rap😒

Richard Goodman

Yess! 9/11 2

Ji-Soo Park

10:03 and how tf does that not make you mad

Before: "Work hard or you'll end up like her"

Richard Jaquez


Tiffane Falvey

do hockey stariotypes

Zorpex Call of duty Tips And more

6:18 Garret’s claps go in sync with the song

marcos m

Trees have souls!!

Md Razu


Me: wearing a Hatsune Miku shirt and just finished dying and styling my hair like Kokichi Ouma

ninja 504 falcon


Lulu Bunnie

this girl: YaY i GoT a PhOnE i DeSeVeR iT aNd Im 18

Squah Clan

Dp u are awesome


When I scoll up and down a bit on my phone, the person on the left shirt is flickering.

Top 2 in Japan Me: “Yes Chief, I’ve alr ready my wallet for u”

Ari May

1:31 it’s almost look like the circle in BRAVE🤨 do they have connections?

Yandel Prado

Almost cried


Travis Scott goes sneaker shopping with complex 💪🏾



Ball In

check out our trick shots

Evilpandaguy 947

It’s funny how he keeps poring water every second


both me and my friend: lose lose

9. The guy that always forgets whose turn

Esma Özgüç


jailon rush

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