Roddy Ricch "Cream" (Music Video)

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This looks like freakin' murder like wth was the rock giant lookin' thing ment to be it looked like a serial killerHehehe cereal... I'm so lame

Nick Kruse

Babish, you made a salsa, thats not a jelly

M van der velden


Adrian’s Brickfilms

I feel like Frozen 2 is the most dark movie in Disney

Bad Santa


meme expert

I stood up to my bully

Kate PrettyLeaf

Weres the lesbian fir princess you cowards

Justin Tilson


Tyler Wood

with Yeti easter egg BF4 shoot the spot over and over and it will look happen again


will you do Easter Eggs at Watch_Dogs?

Liam Liam

Rip coby


That rock montage tho

Maasai Gentle

I'm mr replay

Nik Nik

I have 38 levels

Prince Popsicle

I... I suffer from all of these symptoms. I haven't been feeling happy lately. I have completely lost interest in art, which is what I used to love, It is so hard for me to sleep at night. I sometimes just want to die. I get tired so easily. I feel worthless because my friends are doing great things while I do nothing.

Lauren E.

Watching this after just getting back from Sky Ranch

Lachlan Keller

the martian is my favorite movie

Macade Ross

Are these scripted????

Bill Tallon

ty you got this

I remember i stayed up a whole week i was acting weird. I was trying to sleep under the table but my mom told me to sleep in my bed .i started to act afraid of my family i isolated myself i started to beleive to save my family was to hurt myself i was a afraid i was gonna hurt them so i grab a scissor and scratch my two arms and leg i had a scar and i told my mom i hurt myself she took me to my hospital

Android Gaming Tube

Nice with nice music

hollys World

Poop tastes nice, can anyone give me some poop. I play roblox and I have a gold fidget spinner. Pls help


I smile the whole video


indoor. shooting. range.


One of my favourite youtubers of all time. Been with you since 25k subs and I'm so happy to see this channel flourish with such success. I subscribed to this channel for gaming easter eggs in the first place but i am starting to enjoy these TV ones just as much!!!! This video was absolutely amazing. You included all my favourite shows!!! Love you Guru.


Is the notched pickaxe real?

Da.official. Chris


correction time

do episode about NPD

Unicornio Multicolor

You guys probably had a headache at the end


So relaxing

Ashlyn Willis

the touchdown

Lokesh Kumar

Sir do a stereotype episode on camping with friends


high pressure gas lines, DO NOT DIG

Duckson Pan

Am i the only one or this video throwing out goosebumps at me constantly.

Special ed kids when the teacher does a fortnite dance:

Potato Boi

Adolf Died: 6 September 1978


I really was waiting for your video and I'm not disappointed you're the best.


Why nyc? Bro, 911 is back.


Couple speculations either A) the twins stole Lilith's siren powers or B) using eridium too much made her expend her powers. But that's just a theory...


What was 4

Brandon D